Saturday, December 2, 2023

Just Checking In

While I've  not been posting here in my blog

I am on Instagram and Facebook

Friday, March 19, 2021


I'm here to tell that I've made a couple for moves ! ! !

As you may recall:
2015 we moved from our home to Primrose Retirement Community
2017 when hubby went into Memory Care I returned to our home
2019 I moved from our home to a new home after hubby passed away.

The new place is one level (yikes, no basement)
In a newer area of new builds

While it is taking some 'adjustment' of living alone,
 things were beginning to become somewhat 'routine' .
Then came COVID ! ! ! 

My daughter and I were able to make a couple of road trips and have had to postpone a few since our last trip a year ago.

We flew out to San Diego, CA and drove home through Souther California, Arizona and New Mexico to Missouri.

Oh, how I loved traveling through the desert ! ! !

May of 2017 and August 2019

grandson and his fiancĂ© made me a Great-Grandmother ! ! 

Now I have two great-grandsons ! ! !

I guess this post hits the main highlight since my last post.

I hope you've had a tolerable COVID existence and that we all will be enjoying a little more 'freedom' this year.

Hugs, Gerry

Thursday, May 3, 2018

New Post, Same Story?

Yikes, May of 2018 !
We spent 18-19 months at Primrose
I'm back home living in our house,
Hubby resides in Memory Care at a local facility.
Parkinson's Disease and Dementia has made it impossible for me to care for him at home.
There he has capable, caring, wonderful CNAs, dietary, housekeeping, laundry transportation people, Nurses and Manager around him who -
well, see to his every need so that he and I can have 'quality' time during our daily afternoon time together.

While not our idea of how we would spend our "golden years" we are Thankful for each day we are above ground and breathing.
We know and cherish each and every hour.

Moving back into our home of so many years
sans the furniture we originally had here
and the fact that I am living alone here certainly puts a new slant on life.

I've been home for one year today.
Living alone for the first time in my life is interesting.
I think I am handling it.
I have my friends who I spend time with regularly.
Lunches out and Art Group at Primrose.
I keep in touch.

Right now Blogger is not cooperating with me.  
It seems it does not want to let post photos!
For now
No photos
Just words

I'm on Instagram as gerryart

Love, Hugs and Tranquility,

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Since last I posted

Lots of activity has kept me away from my blog.
To sum things up:
we've moved from our home of the past 25+ years
and have moved to a new retirement community
just west of our home.
Our new home is a lovely spacious apartment
in a newly constructed retirement community.
It's a 2 bdrm/2 bath
~1,000 sq ft
[as compared to our 3 bdrm/2.5 bath ~1,500 sq ft home]
The loss of those extra five hundred sq ft most be where all my crafting supplies were stored
because I'm sure having a difficult time downsizing that situation.  LOL LOL

We are still working to clear the house without cramming our lovely new apartment.

These past three-going-on-four months have been spent between downing sizing our home
moving only a few pieces of furniture,
main essentials to apartment living,
and now my crafting 'essentials'.
My problems is that sorting essentials from
'non-essentials' is not moving along as 
fast as I would like.
I MUST get with the program 
and finish already.

Some of our time has been here at our new apartment getting to know all the others
that having just gone through the process of moving from their homes of many years to our brand-new, smaller homes here at Our Retirement Community
are sympathetic as well as helpful in making this move a great adventure.

There is a lovely Dining Room here on the premises,
a small movie theater, lots of gathering spot throughout , a wellness center for excerise, a beauty salon,and a Fantastic Staff.

Now that I've expounded on at that
less see what I've been up to ! !

OMG, Blogger on my laptop is not working for placement of these photos tonight.
However I will get this posted ! ! ! 

BTW, I am posting on Instagram 


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scrap Buster

Found another small stash of 'scraps'.
Among it there was fabric spray basted to batt scrap that I remember from a potholder project from a couple of years ago.

After cutting and piecing together the backing/batt into several pieces to quilt
I came up with these.

Great for mug rugs, small toppers, whatever.

A couple of these have some insulating batt inserted
so can be used as trivets. 

All of these pieces are backed using this gorgeous cactus flower fabric.

* * * * * * * * * *

Change of subject.

Anyone love this cheese as much as I do?
Love the taste of it when spread of whole wheat bread.  Yum! ! ! 

This is my 'go to' choice when after the
"half the calories of butter, low sodium, gluten free,
as well as rBST free"
claims are made,

it is the HIGH fat content that it adds to my quota of nutrients that makes it soon sinful.
: ^ )

Enjoy the Day 

hugs 'n smiles

Monday, August 31, 2015

I Baked ! ! !

I baked some 'health' cookies using a recipe that my daughter Deb shared with me.

Bananas, p-nut butter, applesauce, 
vanilla protein powder, uncooked oatmeal,
with Craisins,
and, yes, Chocolate Chips

Lots of health in two bites ! ! !

58 calories each
8g Carbs
2g Fats
2g Protein
4g Sugars

Healthy and dee-lish

!  !  !  !  !

hugs 'n smiles

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scarf on the Needle

One of my favorite sketches.

I made this storage box for some of my pens.

The pattern for this punky guy is on Ravely.

Here's what I've on my knitting agenda:
Un-Biased Scarf

I'm using Knitterly Things 
 Vespers Self-striping Sock Yarn

This indie dyer uses an excellent Merino fingering weight yarn that does not show wear even after many, many times of laundering.

She dyes the most glorious colors.
Always, IMHO, with a method of changing from one color to the next without an interruption.

I find that when I knit sox there is a five-row stripe.
I like it when she dyes five or so different colors that make the project exciting.

My friend, Dianna, recently showed off her Un-Biased Scarf using,
what else,
Vespers Self-Striped yarn.
Yep, I gotta have one.
I went Yarn Stash diving
and came up with a terrific skein.

This scarf uses a simple two-row repeat
that I appreciate.
Fairly easy to do while watching Netflix,
which, by the way, I am enjoying.

(|) (|) (|) (|) (|)

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend!

hugs 'n smiles