Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bags, Bags
How do you like my latte bag? It's roomy enough to hold all I carry and more.
Jazzed up the zipper and the bag with hot-fix crystals.

Loved this bag ‘til - - - - - my bag for Autumn.

Added a few sparkly leaves that we all know will be falling from the trees from now ‘til February.
Made this bag a little shorter but just the same width as the Latte Bag.
There’s a Ghee’s closure that will keep this baby shut tight when necessary.

In The Backyard This Morning

Autumn is here in mid-MO. There's dew on the grass and leaves in the morning with the temps in the mid- to hi-50s.

Here's what we saw this morning -

The spider that built is wondrous web began sometime yesterday morning, worked throughout the day and was there again this morning repairing the damage caused by last night's insects. The dew showed off her work to perfection.

This Seedum plant has exceeded my wildest expectations. Thought it would grow to a foot or so tall - but has instead grown to be at least twice that tall and way wide. I love these plants as they produce pale green buds early in the summer that turn to light pink in mid-summer. Now that Fall has arrived they're this beautiful rich pink that will eventually turn to brown. Sometime after the first of the year when we're certain to have snowfall the flowers will turn to snowflowers.

And, they will do the very same next year. Wonderful

Great students ! ! ! I enjoyed the afternoons spent with these two gals.

Aren't these two quilts showing off the weave pattern in Mo's Basket to it's best advantage?

Ambitious Janet will enlarge her green with blue floral into a bed-sized quilt while Dianna's pink and yellow baby quilt will no doubt comfort the baby that receives this gift.

X-Block - Mo's Basket Pattern

Don't remember if I'd posted these before so I'll post them today.
Both used fabrics already in my Stash. The top - Autumn Gold - is a throw-sized quilt and right now is hanging at the lqs as a class sample. This red/green wallhanging is Ready for the Holidays and is loaded with hot-fix crystals. It really sparkles as the sun changes positions during the day.

Both quilts have the left-over wedges from cutting the blocks into the X-Block configuration in the border. Don't use anywhere near the entire lot of them but just enough to add a little more interest in the borders.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Home, Renee !

She's home after being on the road fourteen months !

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

X-Block Class

Our First Class at our lqs - Specialty Quilts & Fabrics

She Cuts !
She sews !
Instructs !
Results !

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Fun Project

These are a fun project - dosen't take that long, but does take a bit of thread for the Satin Stitching. One of these hanging at the chiminey with care would be a welcome sight at our house. And, of course, it's big enough to hold lots and lots of goodies.! ! ! ! !

These went to Miss Millie's Quilt Shoppe's annual contribution to Missouri Girl's Town.