Friday, February 22, 2013

The Day After

Twinings Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast
Tazo Organic Chai or Green Ginger

Care to join  me in a cup of tea?

Temp is a mild 29 degrees F with a bit of wind.
Not such a bad day, I'd say.

Still a lovely day to be inside tending to 
our pots of soups on the stove top.
And utmost, our handwork.
Embroidery, wool felt appliqué, 
crocheting, spinning,
or reading a good book,
your choice. 

But, do, join me in a cup of tea 
I L♥VE your company and conversation.

I'll pot the kettle on.

I braved the cold
to measure the driveway snow.
It's okay, it's a dry snow!

Keep your feet warm.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow? Is this what I think it is????

Today is the day of our first really, truly winter weather ! ! !
Including a bit of lightening this morning. 


We have a great view of whatever activity there is out there.

Most exciting?
One car couldn't make it up the hill
and promptly got stuck turning around.

Two good samaritans in a pickup truck, stopped, got out and proceeded to pushing the car to the center of the street.
Between the driver and the advice of those two samaritans
they got it headed in the right direction and on down the hill.

Not much traffic today aside from the snowplow and the mailman.

Besides having front row seats of the street activities,
we've had a steaming bowl of soup.
Turkey stock, veggies and pasta!

Now I'm ready for a cuppa Earl Grey and some knitting.

Happy Winter ! ! ! 


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥