Friday, April 30, 2010

And the Tote goes to

 Marie said...

Hooray - I'm in the first 10. I would love to have this prize.

April 25, 2010 6:05 PM

and bless her heart, Marie won ! ! ! 

I want to thank EVERYONE who entered my second giveaway.
This is so much fun.  I love doing these two giveaways.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tote Away Giveaway

Deadline is drawing near ! ! ! 
Less than twenty-four hours left to enter my second giveaway!

and take a chance to win the Thimbleberries Tote and two, count 'em two wallets I made on my new sewing machine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A new version of  Electric Quilt is about to be issued.

Electric Quilt 7 If you are a fan of Electric Quilt, you'll want to check out their new release, EQ7, coming out June 7, 2010. The new version has plenty of new features that will let you: Turn digital photos into art quiltsCrop and edit scanned fabrics inside EQActivate the program on multiple computers...

I know a lot of us have and enjoy EQ6 now

we can look forward to a brand new adventure.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm knitting

This is what I'm working on now.

It's going to be another lovely scarf  knit from 
Fiesta Baby Boom Tequila Sunrise
It's a 100% Extrafine Super Wash Merino I've made from this yarn

 it is soooo nice next to my skin.

~   ~   ~   ~  

Last month at our 4th Tuesday Knit Nite Paula showed her current project
and I fell for the pattern at once. 
The leaves are what pulled me in.
This is Saroyan and the pattern for it is on  Rav 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I've been knitting on and off since our last Knit Night because Paula was not the only gal whose project caught my eye

Last month Joanna modeled her newest.
It was a very cool neckwarmer/snood.
Ah ha, it was just what I was looking for
I knew exactly what yarn I was going to use.
-   -   -
I used that wonderful Malabrigo wool yarn that I won on Lina's fantastic giveaway last November
 - - -
I had begun and frogged two other projects involving this soft, soft yarn.
But look what it is now ! ! !

I've emblellished it with Lyn's silk ribbon Gerbera Daisy that I won on her giveaway.
We all know Lyn, she's the wonderful watercolor artist who painted Renee's portrait.
Hope to be able to show these off at tonight's Knit Nite.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tote Away

I enjoyed My First Time
I wanna do it again ! ! !
Don't you ???
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
As you know, one of my goals this year is to Reduce My Stash.
Now that my scrap 'strings' are G-O-N-E
[Yikes!!! I made more than fifty placemats using those scraps! ]
I'm working on depleting my 'strip' Stash.
Look at what I've been creating.
It's a mesh tote made with Thimbleberries fabric
with a little bling to top it off.
two mesh/TB wallets.
I use my wallets for more than cash 'n cards.
I keep my All-Important Datebook in one.

If you'd like to Tote Away this tote
you'll have to enter my second giveaway:
Cute, huh?
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
To enter:
1.  Let me know if you want in
by leaving me a Comment.
Important ! ! ! ! !
Your comment must include
a link to your email addy.
 If you are The Winner I want to be able to contact you.
~ ~ ~
2.  Each of the first ten to Comment will get an extra chance in The Draw.
~  ~  ~
3.  Blog with a Link to my Giveaway on your blog
then come back here and Comment to let me know you've done it
and there will be three additional chances with your name on them put in The Draw.
~  ~  ~
4.  The Draw
The deadline for TOTE AWAY GIVEAWAY is
April 30th, that's this Friday
at 9 p.m. CDT my time as posted automatically with each Comment.

~ ~ ~

Let the fun begin ! ! !

Good Luck !

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Day, Happy Day ! ! !

I have been waiting for this since
the 27th to be precise.
Hmmm, sad to say I did not win :^(
I've been harrumping  ever since.
I even went so far as to cut out a replica of Sandy's
Garden Girl, 
went to WalMart bought a jar,
put said cut out into jar
use jar as a yarn holder while knitting.
Then lo and behold, Sandy let us know that she has decals available 
for us poor souls who did not win her giveaway.  
No, 'poor souls' are not Sandy's words, just my very own description of me without decals.
Boy, oh, boy, doncha know that I was right there ready, willing and able to get  her
Garden Girl Decals


Wooooooo, my decals came in today's mail.
Oh, Happy Day, Happy Day ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I really must leave you now, 
off to shop for more jars ! ! ! ! ! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get This Outta My Sight ! ! ! !

was the theme of our annual silent auction at our Quilt Guild at last night.
A once-a-year chance to clear the decks to make room
for yet another year of buying and not finishing.
Lots of UFOs.  Fabric scraps.  Patterns purchased and never used.
All kinds of goodies, something for every one.
Last night I was lucky enough to be the highest bidder for a couple of pretty cool items.

Look at this
embroidered tea towels. 
Aren't they enough to make a gal drool?
They are mine now, all mine.

The other item, yeehaw, 
is this Strawberry Pincushion Kit.
The kit includes the velvet for the Strawberry and Leaves.
As Kaaren The Painted Quilt sez:
"You can NEVER have too many pincushions."
I can hardly wait to work with this kit ! ! !

Now if that isn't enough
I won a door prize again this month
- just call me 'Lucky' -
Don't you just love this carry case!!


The gal who conducts the door prize giveaways each month,
Janet V, made this cute deep pink case.

Just look at all the slots for keeping my sewing things organized when I take my hand appliqué along in my purse.
Lucky, indeed

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Catch-up

Great weekend ! !
I gave my Cloth Doll Making 101 program Saturday morning at our Thimbleberries monthly meeting and then again at the Sunday afternoon meeting.

Each group had  between thirty to forty attending.
From the responses, comments and chatter I think just about everyone enjoyed hearing about the basics of cloth doll making.
If they have no interest in doing it themselve, they did seem to enjoy hearing about my 'experiences.'
Had lots of little dollies to pass among everyone.
Lots of hands-on.
I really had a good time. 
Real Great Group of Gals ! ! !

That took up lots of the weekend so had to wait 'til yesterday before Ron and I could work on my proto-type sewing table for my new sewing machine.

Could not use the table we had designed for my Viking Lily 555.
My new machine's bobbin is not the drop-in that Lily was so that table went to D#2 for her to use with the Lily 555 which is now hers.
My new table is constructed with a couple of microwave tables [from years ago] using a shelf from one to use now as a lowered top between the two tables.
This shelf is approx. four inches lower than the top surfaces so that the sewing machine bed is the same height as the tops.

A couple of weeks ago Ron and I had put together a temporary top using cardboard.

Our idea seemed to be a working one so yesterday we cut some quarter-inch oak using the template we made from cardboard. 
Cut and fitted the rear portion that will be stationary.
Then we cut and fitted the front section that will have to be removed each time I change bobbins.

Once we had both pieces fitting to our satisfaction we proceded to cover the two microwave table tops, as well as the stationary rear piece we constructed, with white contact paper.
 The contact paper makes for a pretty slick top so that my work will glide,
AND the sewing area is seamless.

Once we smoothed and made sure there were no air bubbles, we cut and fitted the paper to the rear portion leaving a notch for the power cord.
YeeHaa ! ! ! !   So far, sooooo goooood ! ! !
The final step was to cover the front panel with contact paper.
[Since I'll lift it off whenever I change bobbins it has to be easily removed.]
I chose a metalic silver for it's reflective surface.

Again, our luck was holding and got it all covered, smoothed and bubbleless.
There are still some 'embellishments' I'll be adding but right now it is good for GO ! ! !

As soon as I hit the 'publish post' button here I'm off to sew those totes, purses and bags you see on my work table.

Have a Great Day ! !
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lest you think I am a slacker

and lazing about as though I were a Queen
I will present the fruits of my toil
I've been doing my 20-Minutes-A-Day
using my scrap pieces;
though not string scraps as these are strips any size from 6" to 8" wide.

Nonetheless, scraps.

Feline Angels is a Laurel Bursch leftover.
Inner piece is a very bright poppy red.
Oh, yes, each of these totes have a magnetic closer.

Tumbling Block - a Thimbleberries piece.
Yes, it is blinged with a yellow pansie with rhinestone-ish center,
bias strips circle the top section.

Charmed I'm Sure
probably Moda
with Thimbleberries trim.

Vintage Vine
Thimbleberries with my most favorite piece of fabric topping it off.

All appropriately tagged.

There was one more tote.  However, it is now across town with D#2. 
Lucky gal.  She had the pick of the batch and chose the very one I had my eye on.  Dang! ! !

That's what I've been accomplishing with my 20-MINUTES-A-DAY ! ! ! !

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sandy's Creations Alice in Wonderland

Sandy's Creations
^click here^
I won
Alice in Wonderland Giveaway ! ! ! !

Love this Red Queen Journal -
personalized with my blog name no less.

I keep this handy at my sewing machine so I can keep all my sewing notes right at hand.
Don't cha love the Queen's brows and ♥ mouth.

The Mad Hatter Trivet with it's wonderful colors
 and Vintage Bottle of Shrinking Solution
they're here at my chair next to my laptop.
A sip of Shrinking Solution every day or so in my Earl Grey enables me to enjoy an extra visit to our favorite Pastry Shop.
Of course, the Mad Hatter Trivet keeps my hot cup of tea from marring my table top.
[I know I'm not using it right now but just finished my tea and my cup's empty.]

Sandy included a Mad Hatter Charm for my digital camera
- red jewel and all.

Not least by any means is my Red Queen Key Cap
but I'm not showing it to you right now because I can not find a key that I want to honor with a very cool cap. 
I'll post a photo soon showing you what I've come up with.

Please do jump over to visit with Sandy
                                                         ^click here^
her blog is a great one to bookmark so you can enjoy her creativity!
Blogger may be free but it does try one's patience.

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Spring has sprung

Don't ya love this little tulip?
Well, so did a little bunny. 
He ate it!

I love Sedum because they just keep on comin' back.

Same with Daffoidls. 
Ron cuts 'em and brings them in so we can enjoy them even more often.

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Took these last two photos at the Department of Revenue while Ron was re-newing our Camry for another year.
Sure glad these Dandilions are there and NOT in our Backyard.
Everyone, thanks for participating in My First Time Giveaway,
it was a Hoot ! ! ! !

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thanks to All ! ! !

Your lovely Comments are most welcomed.

Your blogs were treats to visit.

And a big Hello to all my new Followers.

The anticipation of tonight's drawing was the topic of many conversations at this house . . . . 

. . . .  Who is going to be picked - - - - - 

My First Time Giveaway is my PIF in return of giveaways I've been fortunate in being picked.

So - - - - - - - - - - please email me your mailing address:

Shelley in SC 

Congrats Shelley you are THE WINNER


Socks from the Toe Up


Wendy D. Johnson


enough Regia Silk Color Yarn to knit yourself of socks from the toe up ! ! ! ! 

Shelley's Comment said...

Oh, rats, I've missed being one of the first 6. Oh, well, I'm a follower, and I would LOVE to win your scrumptious giveaway!!
March 24, 2010 8:21 P
However, Shelley was Number Six Commenter which gave her a Bonus Chance.  BTW, her Bonus Chance is the chance that was picked tonight.