Monday, July 22, 2013

Hemp 'n Cotton

Our most recent shipment of Bare Naked yarn club arrived ! ! ! 
The club involves yarn from nature.
We receive bare yarn,
not dyed.
It is spun directly from the animal or plant.

This month's treasure trove
is Hemp yarn [brown] 
Cotton yarn [white].

The hemp is grown and spun in Romania

The cotton yarn is a special cotton grown on Peruvian trees that produce naturally pigmented cotton colors.

That's what the label reads. 

This month's designs are spa related

Face cloths from the cotton
Back scrubber from the hemp

I'm ready to cast on a face cloth or two
I'll show ya when I complete the first one.

RAIN ! ! ! !
Mercy, did the heavens open up yesterday evening.
For a solid fifteen minutes there was a downpour like I've seen only a few times.

I'm sure we received at least two-and-a-half inches.
The gutters were flooded to the middle of the street.
Lucky for us that we live in a hilly area and that we're not at the bottom of any hill.
Things drained fairly fast.

Well, I must cast on a face cloth and then a back scrubber.



Friday, July 19, 2013

What's New ! !

Our  Quilt Shop Hop last week proved to be just as wonderful as we thought.
Deb and I shopped from our lists.  .  . mostly.
Gloria went a long ways to build a Stash.

One item on my Wanted List
was to build my stash re:  Modern Quilts, more-or-less

This Riley Blake Layer Cakes [ a pack of 24 pieces of 10" squares ]
Small Cheverons

I plan on cutting 10" squares of this
Moda 'Sew Stitchy' by Aneela Hoey
with all those glass-headed straight pins scattered throughout the grey
to be used as alternate  blocks with the cheverons

A quilt top along the lines of a summer throw ?  ?  ?  ?


Malka Dubrawsky
has been one of my fav designers
so when I spied this Charm Pack of   forty-two 5" squares

Will I be pairing it with this background fabric ???
I can not say.
All I can tell you is that it did call my name as I approached it
:  ^  )


Deb brought this over the other day
saying we had purchased this on our quilt shop visit some months ago.
???? She insisted I helped pick this so I guess I did.

Hmmmm, maybe something I can include in my potholder making stash.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some Accomplishments

Last week both daughters and I went on the local Quilt Shop Hop.
There were four shops in this hop
(or hop-ette)
all located to the north of us.
We visited all four
plus one other quilt shop
for a total of five quilt shops in a day.

Each of us had our own shopping list
and we pretty much stuck to them.

I'll have pics up later this week.


there was another shop along the way
that I could not resist. 
It was a new-to-me shop.

Just happened to be a yarn shop

The girls and I were drawn to some pretty niffty sox and yarn.

As it turn out 
we each picked a fav color combo
for some handknit sox.

Just so the daughters won't think one of them is favorite,
mom decided to knit both girls sox at the same time

So here a pic of their sox
Deb's pick on the left
Gloria's on the right

Cast these on Friday evening and plan to have these two finished tomorrow.
If there an opportunity for me to knit during our Quilt Guild Meeting this evening, that is.

The second two will be cast on immediately after that/


For my finished project
Here are the most current Cookie A sock pattern: TIBERIUS
and club yarn in the BLOOD ORANGE colorway

Yep, you guessed right!
This pair is for ME ! ! ! ! 

These are as bright as our mid-Missouri Summer Sun