Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Finishes

End of 2012
I'm another year older and still in the Pink ! ! ! 

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Let's talk about Me.
teehee, teehee

let's talk about my knitting this year.

This year I've added a Tracking Gauge 
in my right side-bar.

Each time I finished a Project the total yarn used was posted.
The cumulative yardage was posted,
as well as the equivalent in miles.

It's revealed an interesting perspective.
I think I can describe my love of knitting as a

Looking backing
this has been a busy year
My Passion For Knitting

How's this for passion!

I've knit a total of 18,055 yards of yarn.
That's more than ten miles of yarn.

When I began tracking my works
I had no idea  
that numbers like this would result!
I'm flabbergasted, over-whelmed !!

Here's a breakdown:

4 Adult-sized Sweaters
1 Baby-sized Sweater
12 Shawls
9 pair of Adult-sized Sox
2 pair Fingerless Mitts
8 Adult-sized Hats
6 Cowls/Neckwarmers
6 Monsters/Stuffie Toys

I'm astounded with these numbers ! ! ! ! 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Last finished project of this year.
Abalone Sweater.

Wishing you
the Very Best of New Year

many hugs and much love
to each of you,


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello, how is everyone?
Are you ready for winter weather?
or are you in a climate where winter comes only on the calendar?

Mid-Missouri has been wonderful this Autumn.
Mild temps [with a time or two of COLD]
lots of sunshine with a little rain
[we could use more, but only in the form of rain, not the other]

Our Christmas tree is up
[bought one with the lights already on it]

DD#2 and I have discussed our plans for eats over the Holidays.
Nothing special.
 we are going to attempt 
a slowcooker 'Beer Bath Turkey'
Wish us luck with this, huh ! ! ! 

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

It's soon to be Winter
and I've been busy knitting hats

with hand-knit flower is the 

The knitted flower was a gift 
and it will be removed from this hat, shortly.

It's to be given to someone dear.
[yes, sans the pretty flower]

a quick knit that doesn't cover my ears!
Just the one to toss in my bag for 
not-so-cold winter days.

Okay, that was two knit projects for the head

This pair is knit with a Merino Wool/Cashmere/Nylon blend yarn
that makes me feel most decadent. 
[Decadent: a Noun for -  a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent]
Who?  Me?

The wonderful pattern is Rosa Rubiginosa
so much fun to knit.
Even with this dark-ish yarn the pattern is noticeable  from a distance.
And I will be knitting Rosa again in a lighter shade yarn.

The feel of this yarn on my very own feeties is out of this world.
There WILL BE MORE OF THIS YARN in my future ! 

#  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #

May a tell you a story?
Hope you don't mind, I'm telling it.  :^)

It was the summer after I passed fifth grade 
and eager to begin 6th Grade
that our family moved from the desert to the beach.

Much to my delight two girls my age lived across the street.

The older was a grade ahead of me and the younger a grade behind me.

That didn't matter, we became friends, with me filling the age gap. 

Their folks and mine encouraged our friendship.

The three of us spent many happy times together.
I think we 'discovered boys' when we reached jr high.
[No details on that will be revealed here.]

As our family moved between the desert and the beach we remained friends.

After high school graduation we kept in close contact and even attended each other's baby showers.

Then, as young mothers 
we each had our own lives to manage 
and our friendship was put on hold, so to speak.

Flash forward some fifty years.

After some searching, the Internet provided me with enough info to write a couple of letters.

One sister replied and we established a somewhat relationship.
However, this past year seems to have been our time to followup our initial connection.

The younger of the gals and I have been exchanging snail mail and re-introducing ourselves.
Fifty-plus years of catching up sure takes lots of hand-written pages, on both our parts.

But what anticipation - - - waiting for that next
snail mail.

Yesterday, out of the blue I received a pkg.
She has sent me
her hand-made soap.
Three fragrances:
No doubt, this last one is meant to be used at my night time bath to relax me from a hectic day's activities.

OMG, I feel so pampered ! ! ! ! 
How sweet is this .  .  .  .

Have a peek

I've displayed them on my hand-knit shawl.

 It's been my plan all along was  to send this shawl to her right after the New Year.
You guys may remember
aka the Bees

I've decided now is the time to sent to lovely.

So, les Abeilles is wrapped and ready for tomorrow's trip to the post office to begin it's journey to my
childhood friend.

After all, one hand-crafted gift 
deserves hand-crafted gift in return.

Hope she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
You know how much I enjoy our chats.
[when you comment do you remember
to click the
subscribe by email button 
to take part in the rest of our chat?]

Happy Holidays
from Our House to Yours !