Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Color Theory Class

Attended Juanita's class on color theory using the color wheel. While it was a long afternoon, I feel more comfortable in my knowledge of the color wheel and was able, at the end of the day, to bring home a handful of fat quarters that make up the combinations for my chosen color . . . red-violet. That is, the complimentary color, the colors for a split complimentary and for a triad combination.

The group yesterday was composed of six students - two weren't quilters at all, but rather machine embroiders and were interested in color. Two of the gals traveled from the Kirksville area and had a two-hour drive each way. Two of us came from Jeff.

We didn't have the time to use our machines at all we chose to have Juanita answer all our questions and help with our color choices. What a day ! !

Am looking forward to her next class - surface design ! ! ! ! ! Should be a blast of an afternoon.

With my new-found knowledge, I'm thinking of arranging my stash according to the color wheel. At least a good exercise for my brain, if not for the appearance of my stash.

Haven't made too many dolls at all lately and feel the need. So am also in the process of putting together four little dolls. They're gals with an autumn theme.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grand Yellow Flower

Here's my first art quilt wallhanging since taking Juanita Yeager's Grand Flower workshop last month.

Ron and I hung it in the livingroom where we can gaze upon it often. It really does brighten the room. I love it and am ready to make another.
I've a couple of leaves [rejects from this project] that I can audition for my next Grand Flower.
And, the 'Winter Trees' free-motion quilted project from Juanita's workshop Tuesday is well on it's way to completion. Just have to finish the facing and sleeve. Then, where to hang it - - -