Saturday, September 22, 2012

Watch Cap

Knit this Watch Cap
for Hubby
earlier this year.

Realized that I hadn't blogged it
when I finished my Green Thumb Mitts with the yarn
remaining from the watch cap.

The other day when I was getting out our
cool weather coats and jackets 
I found the watch cap.
So here it is.

It's knit in Dream In Color Everlasting DK
that was a bonus skein from
The Loopy Ewe.

Adding this to my year's total yardage,
I've now knit 12,937 yards
7.38 miles so far.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

A striped Finished Pair

Wore these yesterday and let me tell ya
they feel good ! ! ! 
And are they every LOUD.

The remaining yarn
I'm knitting fingerless mitts knowing 
they'll be as loud
and these sox.  
What fun ! ! ! 


Threw this knit hat into the mix just for the fun it.
Finished it in record time and was able
get over the the post office on Tuesday in time for DD#1's birthday.
It's being delivered today! ! !
Is that USPS fast, or what.

Happy Birthday, girl!  
How old are you?????
heh heh heh

It's knit with Fibernymph Dyeworks' Snuggles base 
Aran weight / 10 ply
80% Wool, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere

I joined Fibernymph's Yarn Club earlier this year and received some lovely skeins, this included.

Lovely to knit with, soft and squishy !!!
It knit up into a great snugglely winter hat.

Between this hat and the stripe sox 
2012 current total of yarn knit:
12,750 yards
7.24 miles


I re-photographed these two
knits just because I think it makes my new styrofoam head look beautiful ! ! ! 
; - )


Friday, September 7, 2012

One stripe-y sock finished.
Am working on the second afterthought heel
and there'll be a pair
This is for Knitabulls Podcast Self-stripping Sock KAL
or it will be when they're a pair.

Bead assortment to pick from for my next shawl.
I'll be knitting with MadelineTosh Pashmina in Whitewash.
If you recall, it's the yarn used in the border of Sheldon and Leonard Shawl.
Since I'm not into making hard decisions,
I'm going to randomly pick from each of these  
bead dishes when adding them to the shawl.

X X X X X X X X X X X X X 

In the works:


! ? ! ? ! ?

We use our local library to download audiobooks to my laptop so that we can enjoy listening to them in the evenings.  
I usually knit or do handwork while listening.

Sometimes our choice from the library is limited so we will pick 'unknown-to-us' authors.

We were in for a hoot-and-a-half when we 
happened across the Book #5 in a series.
Didn't know what to expect.

We nervously chuckled and couldn't decide whether 
to be horrified or not.
It's totally entertaining - I think.

- - - - - - - - - -
happy dance!  happy dance!
Rain, we got rain!
Since late Friday night
we've had at least 3.5" ! ! ! 
plus we'll be getting cooler temps next week !!!!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

DVD - it's not what you think

It stands for

an independent dyer

Susan lives in Arizona
[we all know how much I love that State for all it's beauty] 
The Internet provides easy access
to everyone [Me]
to Susan's online shop.

She provides GREAT SERVICE with special attention to my order that encourages me to go back for more yarn.
I got my shipment Pronto! ! ! 

I picked her Logo colorway with vibrant colors
in a lovely sock weight yarn of
75% Superwash Merino Wool
and 25% Nylon to add durability so these hand-knit babies will last a long, long time.

The great feature of superwash wool is that I can toss my sox into a zip bag and into the washer it goes.
I lay each sock flat to dry.

This is my first skein from Susan and could not be more pleased with my purchase.

With a helping hand from Hubby
we had wound that skein into two yarn cakes in no time at all
so that I could cast on for
Knitabulls Podcast September Self-Striping
Sock Knit A Long.
Diane's such a sweetheart.

I use

[this is a great YouTube if you're interested]
and I'm on my way.

This method gives a rounded toe
with the increase stitches evenly divided
giving a star effect.
Well, this darker stripe does not show this,
but believe me it's a great lookin' star effect.
And so dang easy

I cast on yesterday afternoon
and was going great guns
until - - - -
I looked at my progress
then frogged back this much late last night!

Was enjoying the rhythm of the increases so much
that I made it waaaay to big.

No big deal.
It's only yarn.

Made up for some of the lost time already
it's not easy taking pics of one's self
This far along so far.
Now that I'm nearly finished with this post

I'll pick up my needle and knit on!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Oh, oh, I have to tell ya!!!!!
Rain, we got rain ! ! ! ! 
Two and a half inches since late Friday night.

Our grass is greening up and our big trees' leaves have turned their faces up once more.


♥ ♥ ♥