Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Dinner

After a quick bath and rub down the bird was ready !

A session in the newly repaired oven gave the bird a golden tan.

Ron gloved up while the bird rested for a few minutes

then put his carving skills to use.

Everyone enjoyed the results of the day's activities.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keeping Me Out of Trouble

I can't make just one, had to make an entire family of them.
The Teeny Meenies
Oh? You don't think they could grow on ya?

This small placemat was made with Thangles - you quilters know what I'm talking about when I say. {Thangles are a pre-printed paper template used for making half-square triangles - a square made of two triangles usually of a light value and a dark value.
A nice way to spend an afternoon.

These tablerunners were made with Charm Paks. The pink and green are from Thimbleberries Charm Squares [5" square]
This orange/green runner was made with Moda charm squares.
A quick and easy pattern - another nice afternoon at the sewing machine.

Oh, My ! !

These beautiful placemats are a wonderful surprize gift given to me last evening from a generous friend who has a very big heart.
I know for certain that she is on Santa's 'Nice' list.

Honk If You See Santa

Honk-honk, honk-honk ! ! !

At one-thirty this afternoon we spotted Santa and his Mrs. strolling downtown on High Street. Yep! right here in Jeff City ! ! ! !

When we gave them a toot of the horn - they gave us a friendly nod and hardy wave - ho! ho! ho!

We sure hope this puts us on his 'Nice' list.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Other Side of Autumn

This is the front yard the second day after Ron raked the yard clean.
Rain is expected for tonight and Ron is out raking the front yard again. We love Fall ! ! !

More Dashboard Art

The Old Brick House - a perfect place for a delish lunch. [Deb works in the building on the far right.]
The scenery on the way isn't too bad either. This stretch of Hwy 179 is a lovely road to travel.

Dashboard Art

This time of year all I have to do is point-n-shoot right out the windshield.
The is the view down West Main.
This is the reason I left the Southwest. The turning of the seasons.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kwik Kar Wash

Here it is - life in the fast lane:
Waiting in line with perfect Fall weather.
Let the fun begin -
more suds,
A good brushing
Waxing -
and now rinsing

and now for the spot-free Rainex

Light at the end of the tunnel
That's it - that's all