Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Cozy beginning

tea cozy in progress frist half005
This is the first side of the Tuileries Tea cozy
as you can see it's on a circular needle and I did not cast on both sides so that I could knit 2-at-a-time. Next time I'll give it a little thought first.
The Sugar 'n Creme cotton does not have the stretch that wool has and is harder to work with, but I think I'll like it when I can throw it in the washer and have it come out of the dryer as nice as all those knit dish clothes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second Pair in Twenty-four days

I just finished the Sage Green Sunshine by Cookie A. last night. We photographed them this morning and here they are.

KAL Sunshine Sage Green x 004

Began knitting at the first of the month and then dropped them because I couldn't see the pattern. So picked up the Periwinkle and began knitting the same pattern. By the time I got to the same point as the first pair I could see the pattern the same of both pair.
Really happy that I didn't frog the Sage Green.

KAL June Sunshine Finished Periwinkle

Anyway once I finished the Periwinkle I picked up the green and continued on - now I have two more pair of hand knit sox.

Three new pair since the beginning of May. Gee, that sure cuts down on my yarn stash. Guess I'll have to plan a trip to the lys at this rate.

Speaking of yarn, with the help of DH and the loan of a ball winder

Ball winder and balls 002

Ball winder and balls 001

My next project, before I begin the July KAL on Ravelry’s Sock Innovation – Cookie A KAL

Rav's KAL Group

I’m going to attempt to knit a Tea Cozy from The Knitter – Issue Five

It’s by Melanie Bond – Tuileries Breakfast Set
using Lily Sugar ‘n Creme in Wine, Jute, Sage, and Light Blue.
But first I must cast on 146 sts.

Monday, June 22, 2009

2nd KAL this month

This is my progress on my second pair of 'Sunshine'.
Yes, I remember this is the first pair of Sunshine that I abandoned because I didn't think the pattern was working.
But here they are lookin' good.
Hope to have them finished and entered into the Rav KAL in the next couple of days.
Fingers crossed.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

It’s HOT ! ! ! ! !

It’s hot. Yesterday and today !
In the mid- to hi-90s with humidity.
Summer’s only a day or two away ! ! !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June KAL Finished ! !

Periwinkle Blue ! ! !
That's what I'm being told !
I thought they were LavenderBlue.
The pattern is 'Sunshine' designed by Cookie A.
They are finished and are already posted on Ravelry to the KAL -Cookie A
They are also posted to the Ravelry Group - 4th Tuesday Niters.
Now I will continue with the first pair of 'Sunshine' that I thought were not correct because I could not see the pattern. However, after knitting the same number of rounds with the Periwinkle I took another look at pair number one
- - -
lo and behold, there was the pattern just a clear as the photo in the book.
So I'm going to attempt to finish this pair before the end of the month and enter them also - then I'll have two chances to win the drawing.
Back to it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Project ! ! New Project ! ! !

This pattern from The Knitter Issue 5
Isn't this the cutest you've seen?
I'm going to use Sugar 'n Creme yarn in Wine Bourgogne, Sage Green, Jute and Light Blue. As you can see, I've picked as close to the illustration as possible [allowing for the selection that Hobby Lobby would allow]
After all that's one of the reasons this cozy caught my eye.
But first I must get back to my KAL sox.

Crocheted Knitting Bag

This is what I'm calling my Mexican-style Sock Knitting Bag.
You no doubt notice it is influenced by Lucy at Attic24. It made smaller than my original Lucy-style crocheted bag in order that I can transport my sock projects around town without toting a large parcel.
I love the way it turned out. I'm using just some of the original yarns from my other bag. I've left out the pastels, thus, an entirely different feel to it.
I attached the buttons to the flower centers with snippets of yarn. I made just two different color schemes on the flowers each side of the bag match.

Hmmm, what'll my next crochet project be ??????
This is my second attempt with Rav's KAL Cookie A's Sunshine.
The first pair that I started was in the same yarn [Jojoland Ballad] but in a pale green did not look like Cookie's pattern so I stopped in mid-repeat and began over using this LavenderBlue shade that I like so much better.
They're look great since there is actually a pattern appearing. Should go pretty smoothly from here. Hope I'm not jinxing myself.

Here are a couple of tiny jewels among the greenery.
Aren't they lovely.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crocheting Lucy-style

Just finished this pillowtop - what fun - I decided to finish it off my including Lucy's scalloped edge. Don't you think it's just perky? Lucy's blog is listed in "BLOGS I'M FOLLOW' in the column to the right. The background grannysquare afghan is one I made waaaaay back when. It seems they never go out of style.
Yes, I've also been working on my Ravelry KAL - Cookie A's Sock Innovation - the KAL has chosen to knit Sunshine this month. More about that next time. Must tend to my knitting.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here's this month's KAL. Looks like to will be a fairly easy pattern, not at all what I expected. If things continue - - - - - this pair may be finished and off the needle before the end of the month.

Monday, June 1, 2009

'nother pic of my finished KAL

Here's another shot of my latest pair. The are Kai-Mei designed by Cookie A and was the pattern of the month in Ravelry's KAL.
They're everso comfy.

And this is the yarn for this month's KAL. It's Jojoland's Ballad in 100% wool.
This month's pattern will be Sunshine from Cookie A's new book: Sock Innovations