Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keeping Busy

Ran a few chores yesterday morning and brought home a sandwich for lunch.
In the late afternoon Debbie and I went to Pam's Visitation. During the drive we discussed our Thanksgiving. When and where to have it and who was bringing what. That all decided I suppose I should begin straightening and dusting - only have a little more than three weeks to accomplish the task.
Evenings have been occupied creating some 'little beings' using various scraps from my stash. They're based on Kumiko Sudo's babies. They're so cute ! Will also try a 'Pocket Baby' while I'm at it.
Pam you are always in our hearts.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Borders, borders, borders

Boy, did we do borders! ! ! Cindy, Connie, Dianna and Dori made my afternoon. We had a regular confab. One idea bouncing off the other. Everyone contributed and we all came away with new ideas and inspiration for more. And now I'm ready to put some of these insights into action as I have three quits ready for borders. The rest of our ideas will be written and drawn in my notebook so I'll have them for future projects.
What a great way to spend the afternoon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Purse Party !

What a time we had making mesh totes !
Seven ladies showed up last evening and did we have a time. Mesh, fabric strips, handles - all were flying during our four hour marathon. Everyone, save J.B., left with a finished tote by the end of the evening. J.B. was involved with adding embellishments to her tote.
Every tote as individual as its owner.

Tomorrow will be the second half of the Stained Glass Quilt class. I've spoken with two of the gals - they've been cutting and sewing and planning for tomorrow's class when we attack the last step before quilting, that is - - - borders ! ! ! We'll explore mitered borders as well as square, and squared borders. D.L. has been using EQ6 designing one border after another. Hopefully we'll be able to see those results in class as well as her final decision on her border.
I've not made as much headway on my Stained Glass [made from three Moda Charm Paks]. I had hoped to have at least four panels completed.

Today is a sad day for our quilting community. We lost a very good friend. Pam, you'll be in our hearts forever.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Classes at the LQS

What fun it is to be teaching classes at our local quilt shop. www.specialtyquilts.com
I've taught the X-Block Mo's Basket quilt, Strip Clubbing's Stained Glass, a Seasonal Mesh Tote Bag and two Quilting 101 classes. The first was Rotary Cutting - all about using the rotary cutter and the mats, rulers and shortcuts that go along with it. The second Quilting 101 class was all about Flying Geese, triangles, half-square triangles, Thangles and the like.
Tomorrow evening will be another Mesh Tote Bag class. This is similar to the last bag I posted.

I've finished one Lap Quilt and working on four others in various stages.

Have also been corresponding with a new Norwegian Cousin who found me via my genealogy blog. Anita and I have been learning about each other and really enjoying the exchange of email