Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scrap Buster

Found another small stash of 'scraps'.
Among it there was fabric spray basted to batt scrap that I remember from a potholder project from a couple of years ago.

After cutting and piecing together the backing/batt into several pieces to quilt
I came up with these.

Great for mug rugs, small toppers, whatever.

A couple of these have some insulating batt inserted
so can be used as trivets. 

All of these pieces are backed using this gorgeous cactus flower fabric.

* * * * * * * * * *

Change of subject.

Anyone love this cheese as much as I do?
Love the taste of it when spread of whole wheat bread.  Yum! ! ! 

This is my 'go to' choice when after the
"half the calories of butter, low sodium, gluten free,
as well as rBST free"
claims are made,

it is the HIGH fat content that it adds to my quota of nutrients that makes it soon sinful.
: ^ )

Enjoy the Day 

hugs 'n smiles


  1. That Looks sinful, where did you find it?

    I had possibly the best tiramisu ever last week in Centralia. Grinders bakery. It was so rich I could only eat half of it a day at a time. You need to go there. There's a quilt shop there too, Material Girl, however it was closed the day we were there.

    1. Daughter Debbie and I love shopping at Material Girl ! ! !
      So many goodies to choose from.
      Don't tempt me to shop. :^)

      This Mascarpone carton has the recipe for Tiramisu but I've not attempted it - - - - -
      yet ! ! ! ! !

      hugs 'n smiles,

  2. Great use of scraps. I'm not into cheese so I've never been tempted to even look for new products in the diary case.

    1. I'm really not a cheese eater either
      but was looking for more ways to have a more complete daily nutrient quota.

      For just fat I can go to this Mascarpone
      for just protein I go to Greek yogurt that is nothing but protein
      etc., etc.

      Besides, the cheese is just the thing for the Crescent Baked Sandwiches that I make for Hubby.
      Three cheeses, meat, and some sauce or another.

      Anyway, have been exploring the grocery stores to find a variety of things to eat.
      It's been fun.

      hugs 'n smiles,


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