Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moda, Northcott, Kona, Kay Capps Cross's newest book Black and White and Pieced All Over . . . . . . .

with five chances to win one of these giveaways ! ! ! ! !! Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works is giving us four chances to win one of these great treats.  Deadline is November 2 so get crackin’,

Geez, each and everyone of them would be wonderful to win ! ! ! !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Presenting the Dollies

Kira, you asked for them - - - and I must admit I am not the originator of this idea of using wood beads and spools.  I love these Dollies.  I used marker pens, embellishments and the boxes are from Thimbleberries Thread sets I purchased a couple of years ago.  The wallpaper in the background is used gift wrap.

The little vase is a garage sale purchase for a quarter.  I did embellish it a little and think it’s a cute as can be

Every Sunday morning grocery shopping trip I stop by the flower section and have been able to bring home some very lovely blossoms that perk up the place during these dreadfully dismal, rainy, misty, cloudy days we’ve been having lately.  These roses are just one example of the choices I’ve brought home.

Flowers on Sale Roses

Last evening was spent knitting and crocheting with our monthly group of very creative needlers and hookers.  Saw some cool projects, learned a couple of new techniques and a hot Chia Latte.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

521 Lake Street

Isn’t ‘Garden Girl’ just the cutest?

Well, she could be yours [though I do plan on winning her]

Sandy at 521 Lake Street is having her very first giveaway – however, the main attraction for me love of RETRO.  Take a look a her blog just for the heck of it even if you’re not interested in her adorable Garden Girl Jar.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Think it's about time for a new dress

Poor gal hasn't had a new frock in ages. This sorceress' costume is going to be passe' come next week. She really needs something special for the upcoming party season.
Do you think she'll have time to pick out a suitable frock?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

‘It’s All About Me’ - - - - -


was such an opportunity to visit so many blogs and see creative minds at work.  Everyone who participated in Natasha's swap/challenge/party showed off her accomplishments.  Oh, and what a variety of ideas! ! !  If your interest is piqued take at look.

In the meantime I’ve started a couple of new projects and haven’t gotten very far with either one, but having fun doing them.

This is the beginning of my Lucy-style Ripple Blanket.  It really does workup fairly fast.  And it is an easy project.  Check out Lucy’s tutorial.

about me crocheted ripple

Fall 2009 10 011

And then, because cold weather is upon us - - - - I’ve begun knitting a neck warmer.  My inspiration is Melody's neckwarmer.  Saw it and just had to make one.  I think it’ll be just the thing to keep that cold from creeping down the neck of my jacket this winter.

Fall 2009 10 012

The beginning of a vignette?

Fall 2009 10 014


It’s Autumn in Jeff City.


Fall 2009 10 001

Fall 2009 10 005

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It’s All About Me ! ! ! ! ! !

It's All About Me

Here it is ! ! ! ! !  My swap, for ME ! ! ! !

This is my swap/challenge/party projects for Natasha’s Challenge.  I finished my lovely green crocheted bag [made with Amigo Nylon yarn], lined and labeled.  I love the way it drapes.  Next I sewed up a project bag using two fat quarters and a few beads.  I made it to hold several balls of cotton yarn for one of my current hooky projects. AND ! ! ! ! ! . . . . finally I have begun my own Ripple Afghan/Blanket   with some every eye-popping  brights.  All of this completed during a time when many, many days were spent at the hospital and outpatient physical therapy session while DH rehab-ed  from a fractured hip joint.  Amazing what can be accomplished.  All this -  -  -  thanks to Natasha’s inspiration.  Please take time to visit her blog Artistic Creations

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


and she’s inviting everyone ! ! !

I’ve cut and pasted part of her blog post so that you can get a preview of her post.  When you’ve had your party-loving interest piqued, click  A H'artfelt Christmas Blog Party to see how you can join her party.

From Kelly’s post:

""I love parties, and I love holidays!!! I also love the many talented artists out there in the blogosphere! So what better than an artful Christmas blog party? But never fear, you don't have to be an bonafide artist to join the fun. Making a creative blog post is an art in itself! Everyone is invited! Would you like to join the celebration? Read on...

How to join:
Make a post in your blog with the big announcement to let people know you're attending! Big catches people's attention. *winks*
Post the button in your sidebar with a link back to this blog for those who missed your grand announcement! (Plus it will help you not to forget too!)

Have your post ready to go on the 12th.
Post a comment here after you have made the announcement, and leave a link to your blog so I can add you to the guest list.
Once your post is up, make sure you make a comment on my blog post and link back to it from yours that day so everyone knows you have made your post and can also find the rest of the party posts.

Not sure what to post? Here are some suggestions:
Your holiday decorations
A story about your favorite present of all time
Your family traditions
And don't forget to include some pictures that incorporate your work if you are an artist, everyone loves to see that!

You're only limited by your imagination!”


See ‘A H’artfelt Christmas Blog Party’ button in my sidebar?  You can click that to get there.

Now to get my creative juices flowing so that my post will be ready . . . . . . .


Monday, October 19, 2009

Girls Rule ! ! ! !

Debi at Life in My Studio is having her birthday Giveaway ! ! !

I found her blog while visiting Holly at Girls At Heart

These are two blogs not to miss, lots of girlie, girlie things.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I . . . AM . . . A . . . WINNER ! ! ! ! ! !

Haute Whimsy has a weekly giveaway and guess who won -  - 

why, I did. ! ! ! !  Thank you Jen. 

This week’s giveaway is a Cork Necklace designed and crafted by Cat at Uncorked
It’s an entirely new ‘green’.

And, yes, I am THE WINNER ! ! ! ! ! !

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Special giveaway for STITCHER’s

Annette's Acre Blog-Versary STITCHER's Giveaway

There’s a giveaway for everyone.  and this one is a very, very good one ! ! !

Hearts to Ya ! ! ! ! ! !

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Giveaway Galore ! ! ! ! ! !


is having a Debbie Bliss giveaway to celebrate her first blog-anniversary.  I found this giveaway and the previous on Kitten With A Whiplash

And I believe there’s one more giveaway listed there

Oh, Dear . . . . . .   there are so many cool links on Kitten With A Whiplash that you just better go there and take a look for yourself.

Annette’s Acre

is having a giveaway
A Bog-versary Knitter’s Giveaway to be exact.  Click on her link and see what it’s all about.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have You an Appetite

for a Pumpkin cubcake???  No, I didn’t mispell cubcake.  If you have doubts click on this link Yesterday's Glitter to check out this giveaway ! ! ! !  Just too cute.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aileen’s Wicked Tats

has a wicked Giveaway going on now.  Give her blog a look at Aileen's Wicked Tats – beware I believe there is a growing trend toward tatting.  Blogland abounds with tatting blogs so it must be the up-and-coming thing.  Better start looking for the shuttle now.

It’s a Reversible Bag

While visiting all my fav blogs Marty's Fiber Musings wrote of a very neat Giveaway at Patch Andi and what a Giveaway it is.  Everyone has three chances to win.  And it is so easy to do.  Click on the hyperlink above and read all about Andi’s generous offer and be certain to take time to visit her blog postings.  While your blog-hopping check out Marty’s blog, too.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh, my,

another new blog added to Blogs I'm Following
Debbie, too, is having a Giveaway ! ! ! !
She is blogging from Jerusalem and seems to be crazy about yarns, also.
Her latest blog entry shows sox, and crocheted hexs [my newest interest]

Another new blog for my list

Marie is blogging from Canada and mentions Tatting.
Seems as though it may be the up-and-coming hot interest.