Saturday, January 16, 2016

Since last I posted

Lots of activity has kept me away from my blog.
To sum things up:
we've moved from our home of the past 25+ years
and have moved to a new retirement community
just west of our home.
Our new home is a lovely spacious apartment
in a newly constructed retirement community.
It's a 2 bdrm/2 bath
~1,000 sq ft
[as compared to our 3 bdrm/2.5 bath ~1,500 sq ft home]
The loss of those extra five hundred sq ft most be where all my crafting supplies were stored
because I'm sure having a difficult time downsizing that situation.  LOL LOL

We are still working to clear the house without cramming our lovely new apartment.

These past three-going-on-four months have been spent between downing sizing our home
moving only a few pieces of furniture,
main essentials to apartment living,
and now my crafting 'essentials'.
My problems is that sorting essentials from
'non-essentials' is not moving along as 
fast as I would like.
I MUST get with the program 
and finish already.

Some of our time has been here at our new apartment getting to know all the others
that having just gone through the process of moving from their homes of many years to our brand-new, smaller homes here at Our Retirement Community
are sympathetic as well as helpful in making this move a great adventure.

There is a lovely Dining Room here on the premises,
a small movie theater, lots of gathering spot throughout , a wellness center for excerise, a beauty salon,and a Fantastic Staff.

Now that I've expounded on at that
less see what I've been up to ! !

OMG, Blogger on my laptop is not working for placement of these photos tonight.
However I will get this posted ! ! ! 

BTW, I am posting on Instagram 



  1. Bless your pea picking heart. Moving after all those years! Are you at Primrose? Wherever you are, it sounds lovely.

    Blessing my friend!

    1. We are at Primrose
      and enjoying this new way of life.
      Many lovely people here,
      staff is great.

      hugs to you Patti

  2. It was nice to see a new post on your Blog. Lovely knitted scarves and your All is Calm is beautiful. You have great color sense. I see you figured out how to post the photos. I am still not able to do that 8^( Another perk of retirement living is you don't have to shovel any of this white stuff.

    1. This is my first post using my new Apple Mac
      with Blogger
      so finding the photos was one thing,
      then to choose and get the photos into Blogger
      was a little different.
      The photos went straight from choosing,
      directly to the post no middle dialog box.
      In the end
      once I formatted the post things were better.

      All is Calm is my first page from my coloring books.
      I feel like starting another today
      since it does look like Winter.
      I can always pretend that it is Winter. :^)

      It is my pleasure to watch while others do the clearing of the walks snd drive.


  3. Hello my dear friend! I am thrilled to see you hear and to catch up on all the happenings in your world. I have slowly been downsizing my personnel items, it's hard! I hope you are here often, I've missed you.

    1. Tracey, I think of you often.

      Life is a continually changing situation, isn't it.
      We ARE enjoying this change
      while still dealing with getting the house cleared, cleaned/painted and sold.
      In time, Gerry, in time.

      Down-sizing is something I was working on,
      from the looks of things I must not have worked too hard. LOL LOL

      Knitting, sewing, all those activities involve lots of Stuff in my case. :^)

      I am hoping to get back into some of my usual routines.
      Blogging and corresponding is high on my list.

      I've been attempts to learn to draw [via the Internet]
      and enjoy very much that quiet time.

      hugs 'n tranquility, Tracey

  4. You're doing great! We have also started to "visit Retirement homes. Ya gotta do what you gotta do!

    1. Yep, just hadn't given much thought to moving from our home
      for a new way of living.
      But, it not half bad.
      With our rent we have Housekeeping every other week,
      one meal a day, with other meals available,
      all utilities are included and that includes cable and internet, except for telephone.
      There is a nice Exercise Room [chair aerobics once a week, also]
      on-sight beauty salon five days a week.
      And more
      So there is lots to do when someone else is shoveling the sidewalks, LOL LOL

      It's been 10 degrees all day and is supposed to be the same tomorrow. Grrrrr ! !

      Hugs 'n tranquility,

  5. Best wishes on your new adventure Gerry! ;-) It must be difficult to decide between the things you think you may need and what you actually need when downsizing...I'm always trying to simplify everything but there are too many things I can't let go of although I will never need them!
    Hope you have a good week,
    Take care,
    Susan x

  6. Hi, Geri! Oh my goodness . . . you're still blogging. Way to go! And those gorgeous scarves. Hope all is going well with settling in. Thanks for visiting after my first post in a year!! : ) Loooove the "All Is Calm" page. ::swoon::


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