Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scarf on the Needle

One of my favorite sketches.

I made this storage box for some of my pens.

The pattern for this punky guy is on Ravely.

Here's what I've on my knitting agenda:
Un-Biased Scarf

I'm using Knitterly Things 
 Vespers Self-striping Sock Yarn

This indie dyer uses an excellent Merino fingering weight yarn that does not show wear even after many, many times of laundering.

She dyes the most glorious colors.
Always, IMHO, with a method of changing from one color to the next without an interruption.

I find that when I knit sox there is a five-row stripe.
I like it when she dyes five or so different colors that make the project exciting.

My friend, Dianna, recently showed off her Un-Biased Scarf using,
what else,
Vespers Self-Striped yarn.
Yep, I gotta have one.
I went Yarn Stash diving
and came up with a terrific skein.

This scarf uses a simple two-row repeat
that I appreciate.
Fairly easy to do while watching Netflix,
which, by the way, I am enjoying.

(|) (|) (|) (|) (|)

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend!

hugs 'n smiles


  1. If you can download apps, search for colorfy it's got your name on it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tracey.
      I think this scarf is going to be so colorful!

      hugs 'n smiles

  3. Lovely photos of some of your favorite things.
    The scarf looks just like mine with just slightly different colors.
    I soaked mine and gently blocked it (no pinning) and the lace is more noticeable but I still see those little ridges. Also I forgot to mention that I did the stretchy bind-off. Details on Ravelry.

    1. Dianna, your scarf is beautiful.
      Will be interesting to see it slightly blocked.
      I'm not certain which ridges you are noticing.
      Are speaking of the 'ribs' that run more or less vertical?

      hugs "n smiles

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