Saturday, January 31, 2009


I forgot to blog this finished pair of sox.
By Monday afternoon they'll be on their way to California's Central Coast.

These look big enough to be excellent Christmas Stockings ! ! !
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Just clicking right along . . .

Here's the k2p2 cuff - completed . . . . plus two rows of the k1p1 leg portion . Not certain of the stitch guage but cuff is certainly right on the mark for my foot/ankle.

We're here at Roly Poly again. DH has his new laptop up 'n running and taking advantage of RP's 'hot spot' to check his gmail, etc. And I'm just blogging away while sipping my pop.

Well, of course I have my knitting with me.
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Friday, January 30, 2009

I Got Mail ! ! !

My order from Glorious Color arrived yesterday ! ! ! !

The mail carrier stuffed the pkg into the mail box. Had a hard time prying it out. good thing it was in a TyVek envelope.

Perhaps you recognize Kaffe Fassett's style just from the sneak peak.
I ordered this kit after I saw the quilt on the cover of Kaffe Fassett's Country Garden Quilts. I just fell head over heels as they say. I don't order too very often from The Internet but this just beckoned.

Ordered on the afternoon of the 25th and had it on my cutting table the 29th.

This is going to be soooo muuuuucch fuuuunnnn ! ! ! ! !
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here's what kept me busy these past few days.

I've been autitioning borders for this Crazy Quilt Pillow Top.

This little birdie is from a Thimbleberries panel that's been in my stash for several years now. Applying a simple binding, will hand stitch the top and bottom strips then apply the two sides.
Anna Marie was nice enough to think I could knit this into a warm pair of sox for this winter weather.
So, Betty, this is what I've been up to.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sox on Break

This pair is just past the heel and is now in the arch expansion area.

I practiced knitting the Continental knitting method and found that perhaps less slippery needles would be the way to practice this new way of knitting for me. Took more time to do a row than the English method. The difference between the two methods is the way the yarn is held. English method the yarn is held with the right hand and as you may have guessed Continental method the yarn is held with the left resulting in fewer motions to make a stitch.

Had a time trying to get the colors to turn out right - the dark charcoal had a greenish tint in the camera - but I think this may be less green.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Blogging from Roly Poly

Just finished a Westport Club Roly Poly Wrap, Grilled is the very best way to have them. Delish ! ! !

Oh, too bad, I ate it before I thought a snapping of pic.

You'd of been envious of me if you'd had a chance see it.

And, no pic of my latest sox. Had to complete rip out the heel flap because I was not happy with the way to was looking. Too much listening to the audiobook and not enough concentration on the pattern I was trying to put into the heel. This morning I decided that I'd begin anew on the flap so am set back just a few hours.

Sister's Choice

I've been listening to a good audiobook - Sister's Choice written by Emilie Richards. Wasn't certain what the sister's choice pattern looked like so googled it and found the pattern above. I'm assuming the placement of the dark and light values are maker's choice. I wonder, what the traditional placement of the dark, light, mediums and what is not since there are a wide variety of examples on The Internet - - just might print out a copy, bring out the watercolor pencils and see what happens.

Our local library a number of Ms Richard's books in paper copy as well as this copy of the audiobook. Tthe book is something like 12 discs long. That;s a good 14 hours of listening.

A check at the lqs sez Friday will be a day of Crazy Quilting. A entire afternoon of 'CREATION' let the ideas flow freely.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beginning A New

Pair, Number 16. I'm using Regia Silk Color, a self-patterning yarn. Fifty-five percent Merino wool, twenty-five percent Polymid and twenty percent Silk. They'll be machine washable and machine dryable. And they'll feel like heaven on Glor's feet. What more could ten toes ask for?

Beginning tomorrow mid-MO will have it's coldest winter weather of this season. Wind chills to -20 degrees, so say the forecasters of such things.

Had my haircut today and by tomorrow will be thinking I should have waited 'til spring or that I should put down the sox and begin knitting a warm and cozy hat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finished and Ready to Keep My Feeties Warm

These were delish to knit. The pinks were so yummy, the purples were beyond description.
Tomorrow's weather should be no problemo with these babies.
The next pair will be on my needle by bedtime this evening.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Changing Gears

Time to switch from the leg portion to the heel flap. These babies are moving right along.
This is not a day to be inside the temp is in the high 50s and no need for a sweater or a jacket. This is mid-Missouri winter time. Can't beat it today ! !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sox On The Go

Here's the newest on the road to becoming my 15th pair.
It's Regia 'Canadian Fashion', 75% superwash New Wool, 25% Polyamid. machine wash, tumble dry.
What more could two feet ask for????

Ahhhh - - - -

Here they are, the finished pair. Ron has already worn them and sez they feel great. He really likes 'em.
Have new pair on the circular needle. Just wait. . .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yeah Ha

I've finished the sox. And do they look good! I'd show you a picture but when I tried to upload .blogspot would not do it's job. Don't know what their problem is but I'll attempt again later.
I've already begun re-knitting the first pair of sox I made for Ron as the sole was wearing thin and I thought I should give re-knitting with a tighter stitch just to see if I could do it. They're already on the circular needle and ready for action.
Let me try uploading a shot of the finished pair.
Nope, it not going to happen this time. Will give it another try later this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's Blue and Red . . . .

. . . why it's Ron's new sox.

They're made with Zitron's Life Style, 100% Merino Wool Extrafine Superwash.
Knit Cuff Down with a K2P2 ribbing and K1P1 leg.
It's been a couple months since I've had my circular needle in my hands. Holiday and class samples prep have kept them in the knitting basket with several wonderful skiens of yarn that are just waiting to be put into action.
I'm following suggestions in KNITTING RULES by Stephanie Pearl McPhee and using just a basic recipe so it's fast going.

Here's their profile showing the heel.

Hope to have 'em on feet by Friday. Since we are back to listening to audiobooks chances are that I'll meet that goal.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Impulse Projects

Felt like I had to play with some color and some new techniques so I got out one of my new books and some colorful fabric and went to play. Then as I was scanning some new blogs I found a tutorial for a five-pointed star and tried it out. Am working of a smaller version of the 14" square sample. This'll just be a little wallhanging.
And since Christmas is over it makes my seasonal tote was out of date. So I got out a new pattern I bought at the Quilt Show in Columbia last November, That and my online purchase of animal skin print fabric made up this little beauty.

The flap is removeable so that with a different flap it could give it a entirely different look.