Sunday, March 23, 2008

Establishing My Yarn Stash

Made a trip to Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe [Columbia] and picked these up.
The Regia is the Red-Violet-Pink Family and will result in a wonderful free-form design when knitted.
The Opal is a self-striping yarn that has fairly bright party colors.
And the Socka Color will self-pattern into a wonderful pair of Toe-Up sox in time for the Summer! ! !
All are Superwash Wool-Nylon mix sure to look and feel great and should be long-wearing.
Knit ! ! Purl ! !

Monday, March 17, 2008

Second Pair Finished ! ! !

View from the top !

Can you believe it? This pair was a fairly simple pattern as it was just a 1:1 ribbing, but boy, do I love 'em.

This is the hand-painted yarn, the coloring is going to look great with my new pair of Sloggers Clear Clogs once I get 'em. I'm just waiting for an e-mail from the yarn shop so we can drive up to pick the up and to shop for yarn for the next pair of socks.

I'm thinking about looking at yarn for the summer season, something in a lighter color than these first two pair.

Looking at the pics, it looks as though there's a stripe in the leg section and an entirely different look in the foot. Cool.

I ribbed the leg and the top knitting the sole in stockinette.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Time for New Shoes is Coming Closer . . . .

Just beginning the cuffs.
Am already dreaming about shoes to wear with my new sox.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hand-Painted Yarn

Bought this at Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe [Columbia] and will use the ribbing pattern from a handout from the shop for Toe Up Socks even thou I'll be knitting them the conventional way - cuff down.

I enjoy using the 40" circular needle and knit these "Magic Loop" socks [two at a time].

Oh, shoes for showing off all my hard work . . . . .

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finished ! ! !

My first finished pair of 2-at-a-time socks.
The Berry Season pattern is taken from Melissa Morgan-Oakes' "2-at-a-time SOCKS" knitted on a Skacel AddiTurbo 40" circular needle. The self striping yarn is Regia 4-Fach Haltbar Designer Line by Kaffee Fassett in 'landscape fire'.

Don't they look Fine? Now, I must shop for a pair of shoe that will show 'em off just so ! ! !

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Contrast = Value

Since the Quilt Guild program on the color wheel, I’ve been trying to make certain I’ve enough contrast in my projects. In doing my second X-Block quilt top I selected a trio of prints, placed them on the pressboard, walked across the room and and squinted at them - thought there was enough contrast and then before I cut I took the digital camera and shot a couple of pics. Used the regular color mode,

then black and white mode. I thought the b&w I was as much help as either.Went to Barnes & Noble for decaf and to browse the mags and knitting books. Only really interested in knitting sock and especially on a circular needle. Am beginning a pair knitted from the cuff down just to get into the knitting mode again. Really want to knit a pair from Toes-Up ! !

So many beautiful yarns available.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Results of My Organization Spree

My stash now resides in boxes labeled and arranged by color and by each category. I may not be able to see all the colors, but will have the satisfaction of uniformity.

And now that I have these labeled I can see the UFOs sitting right in front of me waiting their turn to come out of their box.

I hope to finish a number of these UFOs this year.

This closet holds my buttons, bias tapes/bindings, lace, elastic, stabilizer pieces, spray sizing, and my various hoops.

My pressboard and my design wall are convenient to each other. While I really love my pressboard that Ron and I made [24" x 48"] I know I do need to make a more permanent and larger design wall.

I hope to make more throw-sized quilt tops than queen so a 50" x 70" design wall would be more convenient than what's up on my wall now.

While we were in Columbia yesterday we stopped at the yarn store. So many luscious yarns.