Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Few More 2.5" Strips

Found a few more scraps eligible for 2.5" strips.
So I'm adding to my stack of lite colored strips
that I hope to turn into a chair covering
of some sort.
I'll let you know when I decide just how I want
to accomplish that.

* * * * * * *

Hubby and I decided to give Netflix a try.
They are offering a 30-day free trail period
then $9/mo thereafter.
We can cancel at anytime.
So far, three or four days now, I found a number of
movies and series that will entertain me for a while.
Now all we want is an Internet Provider that will
provide reliable service.
Lately, Mediacom isn't what it used to be.
But I'm ever hopeful.

# # # # #

This past week or two our weather has been more
Autumn-like than Summer.
Just waiting for it to return cuz I know it will.
Til then we're loving' it ! ! ! 

hugs 'n smiles


  1. Such pretty fabric!
    I am still waiting on the cool front to arrive here on Friday, then we will only be in the high 80's instead of 90's!
    I have never used Netflix, but my children love it. We have Directv, ,the only way I can get television way out here.

    1. Hi, Tracey, must admit our weather is warming back up. But, hey, it is the end of September.

      Netflix seems to have a pretty good selection,
      so far as my few days viewing it.


  2. We cancelled cable in January. My husband just got a Roku with Sling TV and we pretty much get everything we can ever want for $20 a month! Check it out. Football is included!

    Mmm. What will Gerry make next??? Can't wait to see.

    1. Tina, Either Roku or Apple tv will be next on our list.
      So far viewing on our iPads seems sufficient.
      But . . . . . .
      Dianna, commenter below, has Sling TV. I'll see how she likes it. Not doubt as impressed as you are.
      Well, Tina, I have picked up two new knitting projects lately.
      One hat and sone scarf.
      However, which ever project - knitting, or drawing,or sketching - just gets whatever time remains in each day. Shrug - - - -
      What are you up to these days?

  3. Funny how those strips multiply. We too have ROKU and Sling TV as Tina mentioned. We also have Netflix and what makes it work well is Century Link's higher speed internet. Our old DSL 1.5 didn't cut it so we jumped to Fiber Optics 40. It's great!

    1. Thanks for the chat re Netflix.
      CO on the new scarf last night
      and attempted to get through the first two or three rows last nite
      Needless to say, they had to be ripped back to the co and k row.


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