Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just about THE END OF MAY

Hi, everyone!

May has been a yarnie fun month.
Worked with mostly cotton yarn for a switch.
Here's a collage of cottony happiness
with a dash of wool/nylon tossed in along the way.


Are you ready for Memorial Day Weekend?
Looks like our mid-MO weather is going to remain nice.
However, we are short in the total-rain-for-the-year department, we need a couple inches.
How 'bout it Ma Nature.
This week we had our rain gutter downspouts enlarged just in case.  : ^ )

What's going on at your place this holiday?

Ours will be rather simple, 
DD#2 will be working so no get-together goin' on.
Something simple here.


Along with dishcloths
this is what's on my knitting needle

Made with a set of mini skeins.
Scrappy with a bit of Fair Isle
added for happiness.

Have a happy weekend




  1. Looks like you did have a fun month!!

    1. Barb, I am having a FUN time of it - with eight days remaining :*)
      Must admit I've been spending time with a Charm Pack and a yard or so of Solids - - - - - design, cutting and thinking.
      then decided to have my Singer
      Featherweights and Model 15 machines pm-ed. [preventative-maintained]
      Hey, gal, have a neat weekend.

  2. You have had a busy month! I would love to send you a little of my rain. Can you believe we have already had a tropical storm? I have a feeling it's going to be a rough hurricane season!
    I am working on a few cotton washcloths myself and I like the instant gratification!
    Have a great weekend. All my kid's are off in different directions so it's just Mike and I manning the fort.

    1. Instant Gratification is necessary ever so often.
      Still no rain here. Hope your area doesn't get ALL the precip, especially in storm amounts, Tracey.


  3. Great collage, G! And those socks? They rock! xo

    1. Evelyn, these sox are certainly an exercise in spontaneity. It takes a lot for me to not try to matchy-matchy.


  4. The socks are fantastic! Im certainly keeping this in mind for my sock scraps. I cannot wait to see what's in store for June!

    1. June, July and August promise to be a busy time participating in KALs.
      In the meantime and inbetween time - sox and dishcloths are active.

  5. Great pic with all your cotton things together. Love the socks. No plans for our weekend (and that's by choice). I'd do a rain dance but, as you know, I'm being a wall flower for now.

    1. There is a lot of cotton goin' on. Didn't realize it 'til you mentioned it.
      Gal, you can still do a rain 'groove' without toe movement, yes?


  6. Busy, busy, busy. I LOVE the socks!!!! Such a good idea! Enjoy this hot week-end!!

    1. Ron and I took a drive yesterday afternoon and the weather was GLORIOUS!
      Finished the first sock and the second it at the mid-foot point.
      Thanks for stoppin' by.

  7. Wow! Good work for May :)
    Loving the scrappy socks!

  8. Good morning honey
    Sure like those cute socks your working on. I am sure by now their finished and lovely.
    I have to tell you that since seeing your pic on the last post I went and got my hair chopped off about four inches. Not as cute as yours but I think I like it.
    Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend


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