Saturday, December 14, 2013

Two Adult Tickets, Please

While daughter Gloria was visiting
she and I went to first day 
showing of
The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire

We went to the matinee and avoided the evening crowds.

When leaving the theater,
crowds there were
waiting to get into the evening showing..  
Hoards of Hunger Game fans

While I am no way one of them

Yes, so Effie Trinket now resides next to my laptop.
She's rocking her blue metallic outfit.

- - - - - - -> - - - - - - -  >

Oh, yes,
Katniss Everdeen is right along side of Effie.


We did get ~2"


  1. LOVED the books!!! I haven't seen the movies yet. Love your miniature ladies!!!!

    1. Had not read the books
      All i knew about The Hunger Games
      I learned from TV

      While the plot was not as important to me as to followers
      The costuming is terrific !!!!
      Thus, Effie doll is Fantastic
      As is Katniss with her bow and quiver

      Gloria and her sister ran all over town
      Looking for these Barbie Collectibles


  2. What a change of pace for you. If I recall, you hadn't been in a theatre in decades. I haven't read the books or seen the movies so I have no idea who those dolls represent. But loving dolls the way you do it really doesn't matter, does it? Effie looks like Barbie however Katniss looks like Jennifer Lawrence (we think she is an excellent actress and have seen her in several movies) Popcorn looks yummy.

    1. Gloria wanted to see it
      Her sister had to work
      So she and I went to the matinee
      Enjoyed the movie and the popcorn

      Yes, those are under the Barbie Collector Edition series
      Both Effie and Katniss are very, very close replicas
      These are gifts from Gloria
      As a remembrance of the occasion

      Yes, it had been probably decades since I had been to the movies

  3. I assume most of you know more about Barbies than I
    I thrilled that both Effie and Katniss are articulated !!
    Right down to the wrists!
    How cool is that?

    I knew when I saw them they were collectibles
    But couldn't let them stay pristine
    Had to free them from their sealed boxes

    What kind of a life would that be
    On display
    And not be enjoyed

    Understand that Katniss outfit from opening scenes is available
    But sans the knit cowl

    Yes, lots of knits in this movie !!


    1. Speaking of the Katniss Cowl, have you seen it on Ravelry? I have downloaded it and am hoping one of my girls wants it, as I would love to have a reason to try it.

    2. My daughter and I saw several versions online
      But neither of us have done anything more than look

      Hope your part of our world isn't too freezing or snowed under

      Stay warm


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