Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some new yarn made it into my Stash

There's an independent dyer whose colors I'm a sucker.  
If you remember my post about my Franklin's Journey Shawlette, well it's the very same dyer.
GnomeAcres dyes the most gorgeous colors.

Here's what I knit with a couple of colorway
that wouldn't stay out of my shopping cart.

Meet Molly Weasley 
[ala Harry Potter series]
Molly has a corodinating color heel.
I improvised the bitty cables on the front of the leg.
Fun, fun, fun to wear
keeps my feet toasty and
keeps a smile on my face.

Arthur Weasley became a Honey Cowl.
When I wrap 'round twice, 
Arthur keeps those pesky Canadian breezes from 
winding down my neck and  into my jacket.
I'm definitely not ready for winter weather.
How 'bout you?

That was a couple of quick knits to keep these fingers busy


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Love the colorways and the finished products. You are a knitting machine!!!!

    1. The fact that I love the colorways certainly does put the speed to my needles. Plus I get to wear them way sooner than I expected with this cooler weather is chilling me to the bone, Paula.

  2. I can see that Molly and Arthur are related. Love the socks and your cowl is just the thing to keep you warm. I'm never ready for winter.

    1. I'm especially not ready for this cooler weather, Dianna,
      Guess I'm going to have to start wearing undershirts and more layers when going from car to restaurant and back to car - - - poor little o' Gerry


  3. I'm always looking for new indie dyers and loved seeing these yarns! I would be quite happy if winter holds off just a wee bit longer.

  4. Evelyn, GnomeAcres dyes the best colors and I love her two yarn bases I've knit.

    Your winters are no doubt a bit colder than here in mid-Missouri
    However, for a gal who grew up in the southwest I can tell ya I do get cold.
    Therefore I am knitting four hats for me this winter. Two knit, two to go!

    Thanks for stopping by


  5. Hey, if you have to buy yarn, why not support talented artists at the same time? I totally support your yarn choices (I'm not a very good knitting friend am I...sorry!). I always love seeing Honey Cowls, they are so much fun. I especially like you version of the cowl, it should definitely help you survive the winter.


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