Sunday, August 19, 2012

Late last night > > >

It's not a pretty sight at the moment.
Took more than two hours to shape and block.
Finished blocking late last night.

This morning Sheldon and Leonard feel dry to the touch.
A bit later, 
perhaps after a couple of cups of
Prima Barista Columbia Coffee
the blocking wires and T-pins will come out.
And, we shall see what we shall see.

enjoy this wonderful turn in the weather.


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oh, I do hope you all read my response to each of your coments
to my previous blog post.
I apologize for being late in doing so.
extra hugs


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  2. Yes, I was the first! ;)
    I love your shawl Gerry, you really do inspire me.
    I have not used blocking wires before, are they hard to use?

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much for your compliments, Tracey.
      Blocking wires - some purchased, some amateur radio antenna donated to the cause by wonderful Hubby - are simply run through stitches on the edges or where ever desired. What took me some long this time is the ~200 points I slipped the wires through. I also run wire at the point where the body and the border meet. Only wanted to block the lace border since the body was garter and garter with short rows.
      Wires are not necessary every shawl but this time I worked hard getting those points and want to show them off to the designer's best.
      BTW, Sheldon and Leonard Shawl [reference 'The Big Bang' tv series
      is designed by the wonderfully talented Wendy D Johnson.
      Wendy takes simply knitting stitches and combines them into easy-peasy to knit projects with dee-lish results.
      Thanks for stopping by for the visit, Tracey.
      I'm going to look for Figs in our local grocery.

  3. You must have felt so productive the moment that last blocking pin went in, I wouldn't have had that kind of patience that's for sure! I really love the dark blue colorway you used for the center section, I've been craving a yarn in that color ever since you first posted about it. Lovely work as always!

    1. There is a lot of weaving in and weaving out of the wires but they were flexible and the lace worked with that. Just that it was quiet the distance.
      Once the wires were in I pinned the wire that was between the body of the shawl and the border
      then blocked the border at three inches. I wanted the border stretched just enough to show off all that wonderful lace pattern the Wendy D Johnson created
      Sprayed it with H2O and then just waited for it to dry.
      I'll be posting photos soon.
      Hope things are going great for you, Ivy.

  4. Glad to see you cranked out another shawl before your deadline. Hope to see this one in person Wed. so I can those details better. Great colors.

    1. Wendy D is a genius at creating beautiful lace patterns using the most simple stitches combined. The result is an project that knits up quickly and I especially love when I can knit the pattern by simply using the weight of the yarn at any particular moment and know that I'm able to predict the size of the finished project
      Since this third Camp Loopy challenge was just at least the 500 yards of the combined two colors it was a no-brainer. Dianna, all that was necessary was just knits stitches, a few YOs and a few decreases.
      This is the first 'fitted' shawl I've knit and know that it won't be the last time for this pattern.

  5. Well, I "poored" myself a cup o'java and thought I would stop in. Another stunner but two hours to pin it out. EGADS, but I like the fact that its a fitted shawl, so I have added it to my RAV favs. Again, love the colour combo, so stunning. Sometimes a grey will blend into other colours, but this has nicely stayed quite grey.

    Good work! And with that, Camp Loopy is coming to a close! (Wow, as if the summer needed to go by any faster! Not!)

    Cheers, veelau

    1. Okay, veelau, the finished/modeled version is about to be posted!


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