Sunday, April 15, 2012

Knitting Update

Gemini's yoke.
A couple more increase rounds until
the sleeves will be put on waste yarn
and the body of the sweater will continue in the round.
It's off the needle and on waste yarn while I tried it on for size this morning.
Since this is my first sweater to get to this point I am anxious about the fit.
The neckline is looking like it may require a round or two of crochet so that it holds closer to my bod.
We'll see once it is soaked and blocked.

The 'Pink Sapphire' color is better represented here.
Reds and Pinks are so hard to capture the color.
Here's Aimee's wonderful Stitch Marker
that she made for her podcast kal giveaway.
It's being put to good use on this project.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

There's been alot of knitting put into 
Intagliata Henley this past week.

Regardless of all the stockinett knitting,
I sure love knitting this sweater.
Such a joy ! ! ! 
As you can see it's gettin' there.
It measures 14" from cast on to the top.
'The top' being the point in the pattern
where I get to start the Center Panel 

I'm excited ! ! ! ! 
Never thought I'd be knitting sweaters
and now ! ! ! ! 
I have three sweaters on the needles.
Intagliata Henley

#  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #
This skein of Lorna's Lace Solemate Black Purl
is next on a Size #1 needle

We've been getting rain ! ! ! ! 
1.5" on Friday-ish
3" on Saturday-ish
<.5" today - - - - ish
geez, ~5" of the stuff
I hope all of you are safe from the terrible weather going on in the middle of our country.
Stay safe.



  1. They're all looking so nice!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment, Gail.
      Gemini had a slight set back. Had to tink back two rows. Found a stitch that didn't look right. But am back on track this morning.

      Gimli sox have been co, but not even joined in the round yet.

      There's always today


  2. You are one busy, busy knitter working three BEAUTIFUL sweaters at the same time!

    1. Anna Marie, have I finally gone over the edge?


  3. Very nice sweaters. All my family in Wichita, KS is safe. I'm going there tomorrrow for a visit.
    Keep on those sweaters, maybe you'll have one to midel next week at knit nite?

    1. You know darn well none of those sweaters will be that far along, you trouble maker you :*) ! ! !
      Will continue to send Positive Thoughts Wichita way for all your Family.


  4. Wow! Lots of stockinette. Bet you can't wait to get to that panel!! Love the color of the pink sapphire!! Such a beautiful yoke. Can't wait to see your progress on these!

    1. Shelley, you're are so right about my anticipation of the next phase on each of these sweaters. Something to look forward to with each of them.
      Isn't it crazy that
      Gemini is worked top down, and
      Intagliata is worked bottom up

      Wowzers ! ! my crazy brain.


  5. I think you may be hooked on knitting sweaters...three? You go!
    I love the Lorna's Lace pretty Gerry.
    I hope you are safe from all the rain and storms. It is all headed
    my way and is expected on Wednesday.
    Have fun knitting.

    1. Could this be true? As you may well remember, I've knit at least FIFTY pair of sox since Spring of '08.
      Tracey, is the same scenario happening with SWEATERS ????

      Our area has been so fortunate as we received the five inches of rain and a tiny bit of wind, but nothing dramatic ! Let's hope you get a decent amount of rain - ONLY


  6. Loved seeing the progress on your sweaters. Lorna's Lace is going to be striking when you get that project going. Soggy hugs.

    1. You're right about the Lorna's BLACK PURL, Dianna. Don't cha just love that name and all the imaginative thoughts it evokes.

      Not so soggy that the backyard couldn't get mowed. For some reason there was not a bit of standing water. Very unusual for that to happen.


  7. I cast on the Gemini, too, but somehow my numbers were w-a-y off. I'll try again now that I see how great your start looks.

    1. Gemini is clamoring for COUNTING OF STITCHES. I've never counted so many times, Evelyn. Perhaps that is the reason I am SOOOO looking forward to casting on a shawl by week's end, Evelyn. No counting to speak of on that one.


  8. Busy lady! And I love all the colors too:)

    1. Thanks Vicki. I'm excited about all three of these projects. Oh, yes, another pair of sox on the needle. :^)


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