Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Row

Before dawn's early light this morning
I added a round to the entire six socks.
i.e., a round means one round.  
Doesn't sound like much
one by one by one does make headway - - - -

The heel flaps are finished and now it's 
Gusset Time.
Once the extra stitches that were picked up on each side of the heel flap
are decreased away
it will be smmoooth sailing for the foot section.

Keeping the yarn organized is taken care of by
keeping the yarn ball inside each sock.

Oh, Rats, my lovely Pink has an orange tinge here on the blog.
Trust me, it is Pink.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥


  1. Before dawn?!! Wow!
    It is so exciting watching you create six pairs of socks at once! I think for my next pair I will try doing two at a time...I don't think I have the experience for six at once...not yet anyway. You are my knitting inspiration!

  2. Very nice - now a serious question (I know coming from me?????)

    Are you knitting 3 times as fast or does it take the same amount of time to knit all at once as it does each pair separately times 3???

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Looking good. I do know how long it takes to make a round on one pair so can appreciate doing 3 at a time. Time for me to get back to my one lonely pair on the 40 inch cable.

  4. Wow, I can't even imagine knitting that many socks at once! Just the yarn tangling boggles the mind.

  5. I am truly in awe!!!!
    Someday, i may be brave enough to try it, but I think I'll do baby-size socks!!!

  6. Six at once? Good Lord! However, I can see where that would be a great plan of attack! And how neat to have three pairs all finished around the same time! I haven't tried socks yet...I'm scared. I use sock yarn for hats and adornments for miniature snowmen. They haven't shown their faces yet, but will as we near the holidays. (That's an eight letter, bad H word...holidays.) LOL x & o, Annette

  7. Very cool!! I love the tip about keeping the ball tucked inside the sock - genius!

  8. WOW! I've never seen anyone knit more than two socks at a time!! Your knitting and quilting is fantastic. Thanks for the visit. I'm loving meeting so many new people and their wonderful creativeness!!

  9. OMGoodness I have never ever seen this done before and I had to enlarge the picture to make sure I was seeing this right. lol How in the world you can do this is way beyond my imagination.
    They are turning out really nice too.
    Thank you honey for the kind comment you are right the hot car is better than lying down in a cell. I still can't believe that they are serious about me doing this. What jerks....but being so kind to my face. lol
    Hope my attorney does something to help my situation
    Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day
    Love ya


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