Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Double Scoop of Vanilla Sox

 Sock Progress:
I have two pair of just plain vanilla basic style sox on my needles.

This Forest Green pair has re-enforced toes
with ribbed instep and leg.
Yarn:  Lambs Pride SuperWash Wool Sport yarn.
Needles:  #3 forty-inch circular

They're ready to begin the gusset
then on to the slip stitch heel.
I'm following Wendy D Johnson's
method as seen on page 41
of her book
Socks from the Toe Up

This striped pair are at the same point -
ready for the gusset, also.

Ribbing on this pair will begin at the leg.

Yarn:  Austermann Step SuperWash Wool
Needles:  2.5 mm thirty-two inch circular

Hugs & ♥♥♥s
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  1. handmade socks. so lovely. that striped colourful pair is gorgeous!

  2. You mentioned a double scoop of vanilla. I was thinking ice cream and this is making me hungry for Central Dairy ! ! ! Love the sox ! ! !

  3. Wow these socks are really cool. Love them! I just so admire you for all your talents.
    So sorry honey that I have not been here in a while. I have enjoyed browsing your site and catching up.
    I have seen those aprons before and wondered how they could be dressed up and you certainly did a great job with yours.
    Thanks for your caring comment today I really appreciate you.
    Hope you are having the beautiful weaqther in Missouri that we are having here.
    Love ya

  4. The socks look great! Reminds me that I should get out my circular needles and get to work on more socks!

  5. Nice to see that you are knitting again. I still have the pair I started last spring on the needles.

  6. Hmmmm - let's see two prs stopped at the same point. What does that tell me? Time to bite the bullet and knit the first gusset. You know what they say, the first gusset is always the worst.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. Your socks are looking good, as usual, however, I truly love the bright striped ones!

  8. Hi thanks for your lovely comment on my button post! I love these socks, they look really comfy!

  9. Honey thanks for coming by and commenting about my ghosts. It meant a lot to me that you liked them. I have not done anything in so long so I was proud of this small accomplishment. Now if they are still standing in the morning. lol

  10. Great socks Gerry, I'm so impressed. Not sure I'll ever be able to achieve something like that but you never know ... Love your aprons too!

    Kate xox

  11. Ooh these are great! I wish I had the patience to knit my own socks! <3


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