Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Time for Valentine's Day

Diane Knott's Musing is having a Valentine Give-Away
Wonderful creations abound on this talented gal's blog.
Even if you don't want to enter her give-away  for Valentine's Day take a look at what you'd be missing.

P.S. I am probably going to win this one ! ! ! ! !

Use-It-All-Up Quilt Project aka QAWM*

Melody has come up with a terrific idea for the month of February.

Here's Melody's concept: "I  am Going to make a very simple quilt block that has lots of possibilities and I am not going to use any other fabric except what I have in my house at this minute, which includes loads of hand dyed fabrics too. (Yesterday I spent two hours online fabric shopping and stopped myself just at the point of making the purchase.) I am certain that I have enough here for several quilts."

For the entire skinny on her idea trip on over to her blog - Fibermania
I just came from there and four of us have signed up to QAWM* ! !  

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ultimate, at last

The Ultimate Caramel!
Ordered the Ultimate in place of my favorite - Lemon Bar.

This is what we're talking about:


My Ultimate Caramel, his Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.
Take a look at the luscious-ness -

Oh, yes, it was wonderful.
You know you want to a little taste -
here it comes:

Just about there - - -

Opps, nope, not sharing this time. It's mine, all mine.   :^0
If you're in town

20-Minutes-A-Day is still goin' on.  
I've been faithful [mostly] and have finished a couple of projects, tossed useless stash, using string strips - enjoying each session at the machine. It's been a long time.
Pics of a couple of finished items will be coming in the next few days.  Must launder them first to check out the quick-quilting.
Baby Ripple is progressing right along.  Just a few more border rows. 
My question: should I block this crocheted blanket?  It's acrylic, will it block?  I've never blocked acrylic, so should I or not?

DH and I are ready to re-arrange our computer areas by moving our computer tables and desks upstairs [with help].  Hoping that by tomorrow evening at least all will be in place up here so we each can settle into our own spaces up here.

Now it's time to check out the yarn I bought today.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eye Candy

Yummy treats for your eyes!

Pop over to to see Nigella Lawson create some loveliness

Vanessa - A Fanciful Twist
provided the link to Ms Lawson

Both women put a smile on my face and visions dancing in my head.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Day Began With A . . beep . . beep . . . beep

 the darn carbon monoxide alarm began it’s beeping at 4:30 a.m. It was not a steady beeping 

we couldn’t decide whether or not it was a malfunction. 
Dialed 911 and the fire department was here in four minutes with their carbon monoxide detector. 
Luckily, none was detected and it was deemed the alarm malfunctioned. 
Here and gone in under ten minutes.  
If only I could have gotten back to sleep that quickly.

Bright side,
Baby Ripple is now in the bordering stage.
I could not get back to sleep.
  Nothing like quite time in the early morning hours to get some crocheting accomplished ! ! !
Photos tomorrow. 

After my morning nap, DH and I took a ride up to Columbia to the yarn shop.  After all, I’ve had that birthday gift certificate from Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe twenty-seven days. 
It was time to buy, buy, buy ! ! !

Hillcreek birthday gift

Left there a happy hooker
AND sock knitter.

Last comment of the day, especially for
This is the story of how I was lucky enough to receive a Roly Poly Beanie

RolyPoly Beanie

A couple of years ago the corporate offices of Roly Poly Wrapped Sandwich Shops decided a change in decor was needed. 
Well, DH and I liked the status quo 

so got on the Internet and left a note on their website stating my opinion.  This began a short exchange of emails with the two inventors/owners.
They responded to my email saying their customer-based poll revealed a desire to have a more up-scale decor.  No more bright, primary colors.  In came the muted greens and maroon.  The menu would remain the same, just the walls and menu board color would change. 
Well, guess we’d live with it but felt better for stating our opinion nonetheless. 
As a result of our corresponding they asked if I’d like one of the two remaining Roly Beanies they had used in a promo. 
Boy, would I.
That’s the story.

If you look real close you may even catch a glimpse of me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 Minutes A Day and Stringing

. . . I’ve been trying to stick to it.  And, have been pretty darn successful doing it.  The twenty minutes each day is the easiest part of these two challenges.  Completing a String Project is a bit more to stick to.  First off, remember the twelve foot long strip of String pieces?  Well, the last time I saw it was when I photographed it so I could blog it.  Have looked high and low for it.  Nowhere to be found ! ! !   It’s twelve feet long and six inches wide.  HOWEVER, I’m certain it must be folded to a much smaller size - so much easier to hide from me.

In the meantime, there was a six foot length that did not get away and I have been working with it.  But haven’t completed even one tiny project using them.

I have, however, used an orphan block that was constructed from leftover 2.5" strips that were pieced side-by-side then cut into 2.5" strips.

diamond delight strip

diamond delight closeup  

From that I made block and had a long strip leftover.  Anywho, used this block and leftover strip to make my netbook a sheath/envelope to protect it while it’s in my purse.

dawn heese and finished projects 004

dawn heese and finished projects 003
dawn heese and finished projects 006

dawn heese and finished projects 005
Finished two totes that have been setting around for months.

dawn heese and finished projects 009
tote candy 003

I am still straightening and organizing as I go along.

Have signed up for a class at our lqs.  Dawn Heese, a local quilter/designer from Columbia, MO, will hold a class based on her quilt Geese In The Rose Garden from her book by the same name [published by The Kansas City Star].  It’s pieced and appliquéd.  I’m most interested in the hand-appliqué and Dawn is darn good at it. I want to learn as much as I can from this class.

Let’s see, what else has been happening . . . .
attended our local quilt guild meeting for the first time in a number of months.  It was great seeing everyone and truly enjoyed the program which was Dawn Heese.

Today we met for coffee with out-of-town friends. . . well, yes, we did meet at the Bakery.  They have great coffee ! ! !  Yes, we did have a Pecan goodie to go with the coffee.

Baby Ripple is moving right along. Still a ways to go before the border.

Oh, that’s it, that’s all for now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday’s Menu

Yummy eats today.
Lunch was at one of our favorite lunch spots 
Roly Poly
Great Rolled sandwiches
Lunch at RP #124 Grilled

#124 Westport Grilled

Lunch RP #52 Grilled

#52 Hickory BBQ Chicken Grilled

Lunch #124 Yum   

here’s a peak inside My favorite Roly Poly.

 Lunch RP #124 Ingredients

I know you want to know what’s in there
well, there’s sliced turkey breast, bacon, two delish cheeses, Swiss and brie, lettuce, tomato, avocado, dried cranberries, walnuts and honey-Dijon mustard.
I know you want one.

Lunch RP #52 Hickory BBQ

Ron’s fav, as always, is the Hickory BBQ Chicken
don’t ask what’s in it.  I’ve not given it a try as I do no want to give up my #124, yum, yum, yummy.

Add some chips
finish up with a Snickerdoodle

 Lunch RP Chips
Lunch RP Snickerdoodle

And what we have
is a
Happy Customer!

Lunch RP Happy Customer

After a couple of stops
webcam purchase
mail box check
we had time enough for a well-deserved afternoon pick-me up.

A special place for a great cup of coffee

Lunch BK Bakery 004 Expresso Cheesecake 
Expresso Cheesecake for me

Lunch BK Bakery 003 Vanila Bean Cheesecake 1-14-2010 3-33-47 PM

Ron’s current  fav – Vanilla Bean

Lunch BK Bakery 002 Lunch BK Bakery 001

BK Bakery

So, now you know what’s for lunch on a Thursday
a couple of our local eateries.   

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Many . . .

really, just how many 3.5” squares [on-point] do you suppose a quilter could cut

string square on point
from ~12 feet by 5.75” strip of String Pieces

string twelve feet 

in 20-Minutes-A-Day??

string how many

There, that ought to about cover two
of MY Challenges for the day.

Other accomplishments today:

- - - - learned how to put my new cell on speaker phone without hanging up on my brother

- - - -introduced by big brother to Google Chat

- - - - saved $8 at B&N.  Since I just purchased my B&N Membership card yesterday I was told I could bring any receipts from my B&N purchases during the last 30 days.  So I did just that.  AND, had a Chia Latte Tall and half a Orange Cranberry Scone.

That’s it, that’s all .

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Have Made Contact ! ! ! ! ! !

Yes, I’ve made my first video contact this morning.  After we downloaded Google Chrome last night I had to wait until this morning to give it a try.  So I did just that with the help of a fellow blogger and quilter and knitter Melody at Fibermania .  She was kind enough to show me the ropes on video chatting.  But then it was she who suggested and encouraged me to give it a try.

And what a HOOT it was.  I was on a high all day after visiting with her and being able to see and talk with her while she had her cuppa.  How cool is that?  Yee-Haw ! ! ! !

After lunch we stopped at B&N – we finally broke down and bought their B&N Membership Card.  Was able to apply receipts from all the neat things we purchased the last thirty days to our account.  Just had to use it and got a Triple Chunk Chocolate Chip cookie to split with DH and a tall decaf each.  Saved forty-six cents.  Also picked up a wall calendar and some vintage repro Valentine cards.

As I mentioned the other day, I joined
Loft Creations No Strings Attached Challenge.  Here is my meager beginnings

string quilt prep

string quilt cutting

I’m using scraps that were given to me by a long-arm quilter friend.  She has given me many a plastic bag full over the years.  These strips were already cut and ready to use.
I’ll post pics of acouple of the blocks tomorrow or so. I’m cutting them 3.5” sq.  They should be great for placements, tablerunners and table toppers.  I’m doing nothing big.  Just some small, simple {= fast} projects.  Then I’m going to get them out in the mail to unsuspecting recipients.
AND, I am attempting to meet the goal suggested by Marmaladerose 20 Minutes a Day of spending twenty minutes, at least, each day creating.

I’ve been attempting to get a good pic of this frame.  Somehow it never looks that great.  This is the frame I bought at the garage sale next door.  The girlfriend of the fellow who lives there had a small sale and I came home with several unnecessary items.  This frame was among them.  It was in good shape but plain white.  So I got out my ‘Pretty Pink’ paint, glue ‘n glitter, press on sparkles, etc, etc.  Put a cupid card on a construction paper background, and there it was ! ! ! I love it.  It’s so - - - - - well, it’s so PINK ! ! !

bird nest tea pot and pink frame

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I know I was trying

to post daily and I guess there's been a couple a days between now and the last post.

We took the past five days for 'snow days' - didn't leave the house.  Boy, oh, boy, just like a mini vacation. 

Accomplished a number of things.

- - -  turned on the sewing machine and started a string quilt project.  okay, it's going to be a small quilt but this is the first project for a number of months.  I took the challenge [see the button on my sidebar].

- - - Made decisions on which 'hibernating' knitting UFOs were keepers.  Frogged a pair of sox and re-stashed the yarn.

- - -  Worked on baby ripple.  Was surprized when I saw it in the afternoon light [after days of snow and clouds] that the light pink contained a yellow -hmmm - can never remember whether I should say tint or hue.  Still works but was surprized nonetheless.

- - - Passed my small slow cooker to #2 daughter to made room for my new larger slow cooker.

- - - Straightened Stash Room . . . again

- - - Yesterday afternoon and evening DH and I figured out how to use webcam with Windows Live Messenger 
[any one using Live Messenger? would love to try out my new webcam]  
Now the story behind getting webcam to work with instant chat/message.  
Before Christmas I attempted to download and install Video & Audio Chat on Google.  While the install was successful, or so it seemed, there was no 'camera' icon by my name and could not get it to work.  
During the holidays daughter #1 and I attempted to install and get up and running on both my laptop [running Windows Vista and on the netbook [running Windows 7 Starter].  Same result as before.  Yesterday we tried again with the laptop.  As I said we were up and running on Live Messenger but no luck with Google.  This afternoon we download Windows Chrome on the laptop and 
Granted I have not made a contact yet but I think I can - keeping my fingers crossed, we'll see.

- - - Spoke with our d-i-l to-be via telephone and welcomed her to our family.  Our youngest son has been a widower for four years and has found a wonderful gal.  We wish them the very best.

That about sums it up for the past several days.  And I will get some photos posted soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it cold yet?

Today was a snow day for us.  Didn’t leave the house all day.  Didn’t even shovel.  But we did have a great chuck roast with veggies meal.  : ^ )
We had a great opportunity to watch those birdies and squirrels we’ve been feeding these past months.
Oh, yes, I did get a bit of straightening accomplished in the sewing room.  Even had time to cut some fabric.
Also, had time for a bit of genealogy.  Love the Internet.  New records available online daily.  Just need a bit of patience.
Here’s a Flicker and Mrs. Cardinal sampling some of the goodies.
Below is the sight we opened our eyes to this morning looking out the backyard deck.

Flicker and Friend 001

Morning back deck 001

Morning back deck 002

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It’s Cold Outside

and everyone is gearing up for a few days of WINTER.
It’s forecast to drop up to three inches of the white stuff with temps right ‘round the Zero mark on thermometers.  Oh, yeah, with blustery wind to boot.
I think we stocked up with enough groceries yesterday. 
Stopped at Target after lunch yesterday and bought a SlowCooker on sale.
Had to buy a larger size than we already had, the old slowcooker would not have held this size chuck roast in addition to the BIG bag of carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms.
Now we wait - - - - - -
the aroma is filling the house and our tummies are beginning to growl.
Had a great find genealogy-wise this morning and just had to blog about it on my genealogy blog so that my brothers, cousins and girls can be brought up to date with the newest finds.
I’ve got to go check the roast.
Keep toasty warm ! ! ! !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Recently I’ve connected with my sisters-in-law.  And have learned their both are creative gals and have interests much like my own. 

Last week one S-I-L emailed pics of her collection of animal dolls, lo and behold I spied a cowdoll. 


Sharon cow doll sent

This Cow Doll was given to me by my daughter.  I couldn’t love this cowdoll any more than if I had picked her out myself

.Clarabell and pillow

One is country and one is city, but certainly they must be related. 

Just before Christmas she bought a Cricut and has really enjoyed it to the max.  In fact she and my brother worked together on their Christmas cards.  I think they did great, especially since it was their first project using her Cricut. Not too bad, huh!


Cricut SIL

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eye Candy - - - - - - - -

eye candy

My Space

My 70th that about sums it up. . . . . thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is a Dish Cloth?

Christmas Dis Cloth

Isn’t this knitted dish cloth the wildest colors you’ve seen?  It’s a gift from my friend Dianna.  Why, it’s not only gorgeous ------- it is Utilitarian ! ! !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Serendipity - Coincidence -

I’ve been re-reading Earlene Fowler’s series of Benni Harper [for the third time] from the first thru the most recent. 

I’m about finished reading Goose In The Pond [third in the series]



and Dove In The Window is next in line.


this is the b/d card my friend Betty sent me.


is this Serendipity, or What?

Friday, January 1, 2010

It’s Once in a Blue Moon

tail end of 2009 and start 2010 031

that I’m up AND have camera in hand.  But this morning was just too cool to miss.  The moon was too high in the sky last night by the time I could take a look.  Glad I was able to catch this on the first day of the new decade.  In addition, this is the beginning of my eighth decade having finished my seventh Wednesday.  Time for brand new starts.

Our household is slowly returning to normal – well, what’s normal? anyhow most of the holiday decorations are down and some even put away.  And Baby Ripple blanket even has a few new rows.


Every blogger I Follow has posted their thoughts and best wishes for the new year.  Most have provoked self reflection in this blogger and have instilled a few hints on how one might accomplish more this new year. 

I’ve met so many talented, creative artists this past year – all have enriched my life.  So my wish is for each and every one of you to have the best decade ever.