Monday, December 31, 2007


Look what my wonderful d-i-l sent me for Christmas ! ! ! ! !

Don't you just love it? I've never seen another! It just called out to her on one of her 'antique-ing trips. I'm so lucky that she listened.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Something New

My sister-in-law and I had a nice telephone visit Christmas day. She told me that when she and my brother were under mandatory evacuation from their mountain home this past month due to the wild fires in the Big Bear area there was little enough time to grab the dogs and flee. As they were waiting to hear daily/hourly whether they had a home to return to or not she found that time was on her hands. She went to Jo-Ann's and discovered Round Loom knitting.She went to town keeping her hands busy [and perhaps her mind somewhat occupied] while making one project after another. In fact, she made of number that were given as gifts at Christmas.Well, needless to say, I was intrigued enough to go to the Internet and Google round loom knitting and found a whole 'nother world on the net.Day after Christmas I went to Jo-Ann's and have been busy trying my hand at this new knitting method.Wait, wait, I know - - - - we all know about spool knitting that we did as kids so the method is 'new'. It's just that I'd never heard about this round loom knitting. Also found square and rectangular looms also.Here are my first attempts.

Ted E and his pal waiting to go deer hunting in their new hats ! ! ! Wouldn't want to mistake one of these guys for a deer.

Here's a work in progress from the working side of the loom.

And the reverse of the loom and the 'right side' of the project showing the hem/brim.

Can't wait to wear it ! ! !

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Four Autumn Gals

Here they are gathered 'round their cousin Trudi!
Meet Autumn, Autumn Rose, Autumn Dawn and Autumn Joy.
Autumn Rose is stay with her cousin who lives in the Columbia area. She and cousin will have all kinds of catching up to fill their hours.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Busy Time

Gee, we had a bit of an ICE STORM here in mid-Missouri. Trees were overburdened being encased with ice.

Here's one of the reason's we're just a little bit behind

Yep, down they came. Many branches in the neighboring yards were cracking and falling. Luckily only one tree came down to do us damage.

Here you can see it acorss of storage shed - however, the worse news is that it took down all the utility wires/cables to the house.

The neighborhood had been without power since about five a.m. Sunday and the tree came crashing down about ten o'clock or so.

We were lucky to get a motel room Sunday afternoon - hotels were filling up with not only people from Jeff City but with utility workers from afar who would be working here to re-store power.

Ron was able to co-ordinate the electrician [to re-install a pipe on the house to receive power from the utility pole] and the tree trimmers to remove the tree from the storage shed/driveway and downed power lines and ensuring us a place to sleep until power was restored to the neighborhood.

What a time it was!

So, here it is Christmas Eve. Time for Family.