Sunday, January 10, 2010

I know I was trying

to post daily and I guess there's been a couple a days between now and the last post.

We took the past five days for 'snow days' - didn't leave the house.  Boy, oh, boy, just like a mini vacation. 

Accomplished a number of things.

- - -  turned on the sewing machine and started a string quilt project.  okay, it's going to be a small quilt but this is the first project for a number of months.  I took the challenge [see the button on my sidebar].

- - - Made decisions on which 'hibernating' knitting UFOs were keepers.  Frogged a pair of sox and re-stashed the yarn.

- - -  Worked on baby ripple.  Was surprized when I saw it in the afternoon light [after days of snow and clouds] that the light pink contained a yellow -hmmm - can never remember whether I should say tint or hue.  Still works but was surprized nonetheless.

- - - Passed my small slow cooker to #2 daughter to made room for my new larger slow cooker.

- - - Straightened Stash Room . . . again

- - - Yesterday afternoon and evening DH and I figured out how to use webcam with Windows Live Messenger 
[any one using Live Messenger? would love to try out my new webcam]  
Now the story behind getting webcam to work with instant chat/message.  
Before Christmas I attempted to download and install Video & Audio Chat on Google.  While the install was successful, or so it seemed, there was no 'camera' icon by my name and could not get it to work.  
During the holidays daughter #1 and I attempted to install and get up and running on both my laptop [running Windows Vista and on the netbook [running Windows 7 Starter].  Same result as before.  Yesterday we tried again with the laptop.  As I said we were up and running on Live Messenger but no luck with Google.  This afternoon we download Windows Chrome on the laptop and 
Granted I have not made a contact yet but I think I can - keeping my fingers crossed, we'll see.

- - - Spoke with our d-i-l to-be via telephone and welcomed her to our family.  Our youngest son has been a widower for four years and has found a wonderful gal.  We wish them the very best.

That about sums it up for the past several days.  And I will get some photos posted soon.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your string quilt, I really like the idea of using up strips of fabric like that.


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