Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Recently I’ve connected with my sisters-in-law.  And have learned their both are creative gals and have interests much like my own. 

Last week one S-I-L emailed pics of her collection of animal dolls, lo and behold I spied a cowdoll. 


Sharon cow doll sent

This Cow Doll was given to me by my daughter.  I couldn’t love this cowdoll any more than if I had picked her out myself

.Clarabell and pillow

One is country and one is city, but certainly they must be related. 

Just before Christmas she bought a Cricut and has really enjoyed it to the max.  In fact she and my brother worked together on their Christmas cards.  I think they did great, especially since it was their first project using her Cricut. Not too bad, huh!


Cricut SIL


  1. Thank you for you kind coment on my blog, Love those cow dolls :-)

  2. That is an adorable card! And I love the cows. :)


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