Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have a Winner here, folks - - -


Blogger twodraftmom said...

Does the giveaway come with prepared cupcakes?

Well, Claire, no, it does not.
But no matter – you are the winner of Easy Cupcakes 
now you can bake your own dee-lish cupcakes.

Your Apron and book will be out in the mail just as soon as you provide your mailing address.
Thanks, everyone, for entering and know that there is another giveaway brewing.  And you all will be the first to hear about it.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Want a Better Look?

Thought you might enjoy another look at your new apron.

Here's a look at the pocket detail.

All the giveaway details 
I'll be waiting for your Comment

I was in Google Reader reading TwoDraftMom where I found her link to this pretty cool idea
in video.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

Friday, September 24, 2010

Easy as A B C

A is for Apron
B is for Book
C is for Cupcake

I've cooked up a theme for this giveaway.
Easy as ABC

What's not to like about these three?
Aprons - evoke nostalgic images of Mom.
Books -  friends to many of us that enable our minds to ponder a myriad of subjects.
Cupcakes - to satisfy our sweet cravings.

I just put the finishing touches on YOUR Cupcake Apron and I'm ready for us to begin my fourth Pay-It-Forward giveaway.

Here's the way we're going to play.

This time it's all for you
my lovely Followers.
I want you to know how much I love reading your comments and, at times, exchanging conversations via email.
If you are among my FOLLOWERS
you are eligible for this giveway.
Any and All Followers.
If you want to enter
leave a Comment.
I know I don't have to remind you that
your Comment must provide a means for me to be able to contact you
via your email
should you be the lucky winner.

Let's run this giveaway through this coming Wednesday,
sound good to you?

Good Luck
to you all
I'll be chomping at the bit 'til then
because I can't stand the anxiety of learning whose name will be drawn.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carryall for my Netbook & More

Recently one of our quilt guild members
issued a challenge to the rest of us.

Her challenge:
using the home dec samples that she rescued from going to the trash
[they were out-dated].
we are to make some thing from these samples,
show and tell about it,
make some thing from them to donate to the guild as a $$$$ maker.

Earlier I posted about a Roly Nester zip bag made from the samples.
I donated one to the guild
it was part of that evening's giveaway.
[Actually, my dil won it - fair and square - and she was thrilled]

My next project in this challenge used FOUR of the samples
I made another Simply Chic Carryall


I made it for my netbook
- - - pretty neat, huh ? - - -


As you can see in addition to my netbook
I've a place for my ear buds, surge protector and
wireless mouse.


I used store bought handles this time.
They just seemed to go with the wonderful carpet bag samples.


I've finally picked a theme for my next giveaway.
I'll work on it a bit this evening, hopefully, to finish it up.

Okay, FOLLOWERS, my next giveaway will be just for YOU ! ! ! !
If you are one of my FOLLOWERS
[and want to participate]
are eligible to enter.

I'll be posting about the giveaway any day now.
Hope to see your name there.


Speaking of Giveaways
I have to tell you about a Great giveaway D#2 alerted me to.
Yes, you all know that she and I are attempting to win.
WE WANT A GO! CUTTER ! ! ! ! !
We've entered one-point-five zillion giveaways ! ! !
With no luck so far

has been given the okay by Carolyn at AccuQuilt
to have her own GO! & 3 DIES giveaway.
Even though I do want to win one of these babies
I'll let you in on Millie's wonderful giveaway.
If you want to try to win too, go on over and enter ! ! !
.  .  .  .  there's room for all of us.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nature girl

Nature Girl,
I'm not,
but couldn't resist taking a couple of pics of these
today after a late lunch,
stop at the library for more audiobook mysteries,
a stop at Central Dairy

where we had a small dish of
Cinnamon for me
Extreme Moose Tracks for hubby.

As long as I'm writing about dee-lish desert.
This past week was D#2 birthday
won't say hold old she is .  .  .  but .. .. ..
oh, well, better not say any more about age.
We had a dee-lightful
chocolate cake.
More chocolate than even this chocolate lover could take.

 I made her these three wallets using my new-found knowledge of sewing with vinyl.

Oh, how I love making these !
They're quick to make,
can use scraps,
and are great keepers for coupons,
tablets and pencils,

I think it's time for me to let you,  my Followers,  know how much I appreciate
that you return to my blog to read and leave a Comment.
Soooo, I'm thinking of a way to show just how much I do appreciate you gals.
Hmmm, what shall it be.
A giveaway fer sure - - - -

well, you'll be for first to know
when I figure out just what this will be.

Followers, it won't be long 'til I come up with something.


Hugs & ♥♥♥s
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Some pink

I love my Sedum.
They never let me down.
Even after being neglected this Spring and Summer
they behaved, as you can see, wonderfully.

You may remember that early this summer
I tangled with Poison Ivy and got a really, really good case of Poison Ivy ! ! ! !
For some thirty days I itched, itched, itched . . . .
And wouldn't you know it,
this was the wettest Spring and Summer we've had in a number of years.
Our Flower beds thrived. Well, they were GREEN and LUSH.
However, EVERYTHING GREW ! ! ! !
I mean everything ! ! !
We're having some one come in to 'take care of' the flower beds. Yes, they're aware of the Poison Ivy, they said it wouldn't bother them.

So after next Tuesday things should look different - no errant Redbuds, Mimosa or PI. Yippee ! ! !
With the beds bear and the yard minus three big trees things should really look different.

Last month at Bernina some one shared their project of making travel bags.
With air travel what it is today I thought that Daughter #1 could use some.
Her work requires regular travel
plus she's been traveling on her vacations.  Flying off to the Middle East.

So, I thought, why not use my newly learned techniques
-  in the Simply Chic Carry All class that Linda B. had at Zede's Sewing Studio.
You remember my Simply Chic Carry All.
I learned to sew with vinyl and to custom size zippers using
Sullivan's Make-A-Zipper.
BTW, using the Make-A-Zipper is quite a bit less expensive than buying regular zippers, generally speaking.
I bought five reels of zippers online
[hot pink, zingy green, and yes, white, beige, black] 
they come in 5.5 yds with twelve pulls on each reel.
I'm ready to put in another order.

Anyway, I thought this would be a great project for me to use my new skills.

So I began to plan,
vinyl - check
Make-A-Zipper - check
fabric - check
Labels - - - - okay I need labels, so I made a list:
** panties
** bras
** sox
** hair
** teeth 
[hey, don't snicker.
by teeth I mean tooth paste, floss, tooth brush, mouth wash, etc. what else could I have named it ?   :^) ]
** face
[okay, use your imagination on this one]
** shoes
** laundry
Looked like a pretty good list, hmmmmm - - - - -
now what - - - - -
how to make these labels without an embroidery machine.
That's where my pal Dianna came to my rescue.
After she spent an evening picking out fonts she thought I might like from her embroidery software
we were ready to spend an afternoon stitching.
That we did. 
I think they turned out GREAT.
I love PINK.

So here they are.  Fed Ex delivered them to D#1 in time for her birthday and
she was very surprized and pleased.

I was going to write a little more but this post has taken my twice as long as I had planned because of stupid Live Writer that wasn't any better after the Windows Live Upgrade that was SUPPOSED to improve not only Live Writer, but also Live Mail, and Live Messenger and that took fifteen minutes to download, install and restart the computer.
So I aborted my attempt to blog using Live Writer and came here to Google blogger and promptly lost all of my post to cyberspace.  So had to re-create.  Gad ! ! ! !
Hope to have better luck on tomorrow's post.

i love my computer
i love my computer

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

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