Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 Minutes A Day and Stringing

. . . I’ve been trying to stick to it.  And, have been pretty darn successful doing it.  The twenty minutes each day is the easiest part of these two challenges.  Completing a String Project is a bit more to stick to.  First off, remember the twelve foot long strip of String pieces?  Well, the last time I saw it was when I photographed it so I could blog it.  Have looked high and low for it.  Nowhere to be found ! ! !   It’s twelve feet long and six inches wide.  HOWEVER, I’m certain it must be folded to a much smaller size - so much easier to hide from me.

In the meantime, there was a six foot length that did not get away and I have been working with it.  But haven’t completed even one tiny project using them.

I have, however, used an orphan block that was constructed from leftover 2.5" strips that were pieced side-by-side then cut into 2.5" strips.

diamond delight strip

diamond delight closeup  

From that I made block and had a long strip leftover.  Anywho, used this block and leftover strip to make my netbook a sheath/envelope to protect it while it’s in my purse.

dawn heese and finished projects 004

dawn heese and finished projects 003
dawn heese and finished projects 006

dawn heese and finished projects 005
Finished two totes that have been setting around for months.

dawn heese and finished projects 009
tote candy 003

I am still straightening and organizing as I go along.

Have signed up for a class at our lqs.  Dawn Heese, a local quilter/designer from Columbia, MO, will hold a class based on her quilt Geese In The Rose Garden from her book by the same name [published by The Kansas City Star].  It’s pieced and appliquéd.  I’m most interested in the hand-appliqué and Dawn is darn good at it. I want to learn as much as I can from this class.

Let’s see, what else has been happening . . . .
attended our local quilt guild meeting for the first time in a number of months.  It was great seeing everyone and truly enjoyed the program which was Dawn Heese.

Today we met for coffee with out-of-town friends. . . well, yes, we did meet at the Bakery.  They have great coffee ! ! !  Yes, we did have a Pecan goodie to go with the coffee.

Baby Ripple is moving right along. Still a ways to go before the border.

Oh, that’s it, that’s all for now.


  1. Love the 20 minute idea...I 'm off to see if I can find all the info.

    Hey, Love your opening song!

  2. I'm loving your projects. Keep up the good work with the 20 minuters.
    A x

  3. Hey....lost things show up in the most unexpected places...I found your 12' strip - it's still there on your Januaray 12 blog post!!! Love your finished projects.

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