Saturday, January 2, 2010

Serendipity - Coincidence -

I’ve been re-reading Earlene Fowler’s series of Benni Harper [for the third time] from the first thru the most recent. 

I’m about finished reading Goose In The Pond [third in the series]



and Dove In The Window is next in line.


this is the b/d card my friend Betty sent me.


is this Serendipity, or What?


  1. love to read and wonder where you get the books?
    Love your comment on my blog too.
    My imagination cannot keep up with my hands and I have to go for a swim or walk to calm down. Happy New Year
    aloha Lilla

  2. What a funny coincidence! I love it when stuff like that happens. Reminds you that there's magic everywhere ...

  3. How come I keep getting older and you keep looking better?

    Maybe I should get a bit more color and creativity into my life.

    Looking at your blog makes life a bit more sunny.

    That the new year of your life and the beginning of our common New Year is coincident seems to somehow work in your favor.


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