Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Many . . .

really, just how many 3.5” squares [on-point] do you suppose a quilter could cut

string square on point
from ~12 feet by 5.75” strip of String Pieces

string twelve feet 

in 20-Minutes-A-Day??

string how many

There, that ought to about cover two
of MY Challenges for the day.

Other accomplishments today:

- - - - learned how to put my new cell on speaker phone without hanging up on my brother

- - - -introduced by big brother to Google Chat

- - - - saved $8 at B&N.  Since I just purchased my B&N Membership card yesterday I was told I could bring any receipts from my B&N purchases during the last 30 days.  So I did just that.  AND, had a Chia Latte Tall and half a Orange Cranberry Scone.

That’s it, that’s all .


  1. I've just added my name to the 20 minutes list too so will try to drop in on you from time to time.
    A x

  2. Hi found you through the 20 min list. Wow you sure did you 20mins well done.
    Looks like you had fun to.

    Joanne x

  3. Love to see what you do with your patches - enjoy your 20 minutes today!

  4. Great post. I'm finally getting over to check out your blog. And I think I'm going to enjoy my visit : )!! Love all that beautiful fabric!!

  5. Hi Gerry. Thanks for dropping in on me. I should maybe point out that two of the embellisher users in the 20 min a day folk are Twiglet and me. Twiglet is my much older sister :-)...and I love her to bits and know the feeling is mutual or I wouldn't get away with calling her that :-)
    A x

  6. Ha,haa I'm like you in that I can't get the speaker right on my cell!

    Sand xox

  7. This is so beautiful! You asked if I'd read any other Katrina Kittle books. I know I have another one. But don't think I've read it.


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