Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The day before

Here it is the 
day before Thanksgiving ! ! ! 

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone ! ! ! ! 

Just a quick glance at what's happin'
in my kitchen:

Older Daughter's contribution toward
T-Day dinner is the
Pie Pumpkin she purchased during her visit with us
and I've halved it, sprayed it with Pam 
and it's baking along side
Mrs. Smith's Pumpkin Pie.
My Yam Dish is on the lower shelf.
Yes, canned yams, butter, brown sugar and ground pepper.

whew ! ! !  I'm pooped ! ! ! ! 

Thanks to DD#2, 
Mr. Turkey, 
weighing in at 20 pounds
and the rest of the fixin's are in her good hands.
We'll be feasting at her table tomorrow.

Don't YOU be late to the table ! ! ! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

just in case
comes along:

Oh, my ! ! ! 
Do you want to hear about my love affair with Nutella??

Tell me,
have you ever tried either
Nutella or Biscoff Spread?????




Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hooded Scarf

in a lovely turquoise in the most squishable machine washable wool.

The is the hood section beginning at the neckline
going up to the top of the head

Once the hood is complete
it will be attached to a long cable-patterned scarf.
Yet to be knit  :^)

'Finished in time for our first truly winter day', is what DD#2 is no doubt wishing.
This will be for Debbie when it's finished.


Thursday, November 8, 2012


The sound of my needle tips knitting these stitches that create something wonderfully 
cozy for this coming winter weather.

The beginning of another quick knit hat.

It's another Gnome Acres yarn
in the 
Under The Christmas Tree

Oh, yes, it's another hat for Gerry


♥     ♥    ♥

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some new yarn made it into my Stash

There's an independent dyer whose colors I'm a sucker.  
If you remember my post about my Franklin's Journey Shawlette, well it's the very same dyer.
GnomeAcres dyes the most gorgeous colors.

Here's what I knit with a couple of colorway
that wouldn't stay out of my shopping cart.

Meet Molly Weasley 
[ala Harry Potter series]
Molly has a corodinating color heel.
I improvised the bitty cables on the front of the leg.
Fun, fun, fun to wear
keeps my feet toasty and
keeps a smile on my face.

Arthur Weasley became a Honey Cowl.
When I wrap 'round twice, 
Arthur keeps those pesky Canadian breezes from 
winding down my neck and  into my jacket.
I'm definitely not ready for winter weather.
How 'bout you?

That was a couple of quick knits to keep these fingers busy


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Whew! October was a busy month.

Out-of-town visitors from California kept us hopping.
The beginning of the month our older son made a quick appearance,
the end of the month brought younger son and d-i-l
our older daughter.

Not much planning of activities 
- we all like to take what comes.

Our Capitol was highlight a couple of days.
A guided tour of our beautiful Capitol one day 
and a private tour for some of us another day.

Lots of visits to favorite eating spots
- especially Central Dairy -
Boy, oh, boy, did we ever get our fill of dairy.
Extreme Moose Tracks and Bear Claw
seemed to be the flavors of choice.
Couldn't talk anyone into a Banana Split.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now that everyone has returned to the West Coast 
we have taken time to remove any and all of the Halloween decor.  
By the way, how many Trick-or-Treaters rang your door bell????
Wanna guess how many we had 
- here I am bragging again -
did ya take a stab at how many?
that's 9 little ghost or gobblins or rather Princesses, Super Heroes and, yes, even one member of some SWAT TEAM ! ! ! ! !  
Cute, every one.  
But what do we do with the rest of the candy???


Between the arrivals and departures of our kid's visits
there was time to knit.
Yeah, yeah, I know you're not one bit surprized.

Well, with the turn of the seasons and cooler to cold temps making it known every time we left the house,
I decided I needed a knit hat to keep my ears warm.

So I cast on using the Tree Frog colorway
and knit the ribbing that would hug my head and ears.

Then began the decrease portion.  
By decreasing five times each round I created a wonderful swirl effect that I just love.

Keeps my ears warm and my head snuggled into this yummy Merino wool.

Have you ever attempted to photography yourself wearing a knit hat?
Well, it ain't easy!
Don't ask me how I know.  
However, the number 23 does come to mind when I think about it.

Hubby came to my rescue
and got just the angle I wanted to show off my knit  hat.
xxx to you, Hubby.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Our visitors have returned to the West Coast
and October has become November.
It was time to put away all the 
 - well, almost all the Halloween stuff and such. 

 Gotta love her grin.
She's just too dang cute to put out of view,
don't ya think.

# # # # # # # # # #

Please, don't walk through the leaves
: ^ )


 ♥    ♥    ♥