Friday, February 20, 2015

Tri-Color Infinity Scarf

Winter has finally come to mid-Missouri.
In celebration of  it's arrival
I decided to knit a scarf to keep me extra warm for the duration.
Selected three yummy colors from my Yarn Stash 
- Conch, Tapistry and Smudge -
in a blend of 70% Merino,  20% Cashmere 
and 10% Nylon 
Ever so lovely for snuggling.

Rather than leaving it as one long scarf
I grafted the ends together to make it an infinity scarf.

Seems we're in for an icy/snow mix overnight and into tomorrow.
A good day to stay home and listen to our newest audiobook.

hugs 'n smiles

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  1. I guessed wrong, didn't I? It looks very warm. I'm looking forward to seeing it at Knit Nite. Great job as always.

    1. If I'd told you the color, Dianna, you would have never thought it'd work, I was betting. Can hardly wait to show it off ! !
      Now, with this weather I'm actually getting to wear it AND keeping warm.
      Stay warm in this icy/snow mix.
      hugs 'n smiles,


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