Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunshine and Sox

The sun is shining but as you can see the temp is not all that warm.

When I was putting some correspondence in the mail box at the street earlier this morning
it wasn't that cold out 
unlike yesterday when the temps were in the low 20s
and I swear it was the coldest, cold day we've had this winter.
THE day for wearing all the handknits possible 
hat, cowl, cardigan , mitts and sox.

Speaking of sox.
A second pair of the Broken Seed Stitch Sox is on the needles.
I'm lovin' this pattern and the results.

You may notice each sock has their on needle.
What with using two ball of yarn at a time,
it is much easier to have each them on their on own needle.
I'm still knitting them in somewhat of a two-at-a-time manner with an inch or so on one sock and then on the other.
They seem to go fairly fast,
probably because the pattern is a simple one
and now that I have inserted the waste yarn to mark where the afterthought heel goes and only the instep portion is in pattern it IS smooth sailing.

The neat thing about this pattern is 
that I can modify the pattern to knit either toe up, 
or as this pair is, cuff down.  

Since I am using scraps or mini skeins
as long as the yarn lasts until the cuff and leg portion 
is finished to the point I place the afterthought waste yarn marker I'm a happy camper.  
That way the pattern shows above my shoe and the foot portion can be any color or pattern.

Luckily the yarn I'm using is enough to last well into the foot of the sox . . . . .
so far : ^ )


The weather being what it is
this afternoon will be just the time to finish our audiobook by John Sandford.

Have a good one.

hugs 'n smiles


  1. Love how these are looking. What a great idea to use up leftover yarn. When I see you Wednesday you can tell me where to find the pattern. I may just have to give these a go. I do understand why you are knitting them one at a time. It's not easy to keep 4 balls of yarn straight when both socks are on one needle. I bet they will be done by Knit Nite. Great job as always.

  2. I just checked Ravelry and found the pattern.

  3. Be careful, they're just like potato chips
    Can't do just one ‼️‼️
    These won't be finished by knit nite, Dianna. But I will bring them and my Tri-Color Cowl.
    Stay warm today
    Tomorrow is supposed to be 41°F
    Hugs 'n smiles,

  4. Hugs and Smiles to you too honey! I complain when it is 30 here so now way can I handle 20. haha
    So happy to hear from you because I love coming by here and seeing your gorgeous creations.
    What a neat way to do these socks. So you just use one needle when making these. I guess I am so dumb when it comes to this art. Wish you were my neighbor would love to be able to do this.
    How many comments have I wrote you wishing this. haha
    Stay warm
    Good luck with my giveaway and thanks for entering

  5. Nice Spring colors you have going on there on those lovely socks. Missed you last nigh.

  6. Finished this pair last night , Betty.
    I'm gonna love 'em/
    hugs 'n smiles

  7. I love it!

    A while back you offered to help me with socks. I can make socks, but the challenge is making socks that fit. I like them tight so they don't droop or worse, slide around inside my shoe.

    I am making a pair with Lang Jawoll color right now! My first afterthought heel ever! I cast on 60 on size 1s and I think that will be a good width for my ankle/lower calf. My foot is 9 inches long from heel to tip of toe. How long would you recommend I knit after the waste yarn before starting the toe? Thank you, thank you thank you in advance for the thought you might give me. I love this yarn! So pretty.

    1. I love to knit sox ‼️
      In order to fit a fit perfect for you
      Count the number of stitches per inch you are knitting
      Using your Lang Jawoll and you Size 1s

      Measure the circumference of your foot at the widest part
      Multiply This measurement and multiple by your stitches per inch
      That is to say
      If your foot is 8" inches around at widest part
      And your number of stitches per inch is 8
      8" x 8 stitches per inch = 64 stitches
      For a sock that fits firmly subtract 10% of the stitches - 8 = 56 stitches

      So my Cast on number is 56

      I use a k2, p2 rib for cuff leg and instep portion of foot

      Usually my afterthought heel is 2 to 2.25"
      My toe decrease is the same as afterthought heel 2 To 2.25"

      Tina, please let me know if this is clear to you.
      As I do want you to be able to knit a sock that you are happy to wear

      Hugs 'n Smiles

  8. With your help, I realized I made the foot too short on my first sock. I'm almost to the toe on the second sock. After I make the toe, I will undo my beautiful kitchener and add some length. I will let you know how it goes and maybe send a picture. Hopefully the afterthought heel will make sense to me when I get there. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hey, Tina,
      After I've picked up my stitches for the afterthought heel
      (On my first row I pick up the bar between the last stitch of each needle to knit together with the last stitch to close any hole that may occur)
      I usually knit a quarter-inch of stockinette stitch before I begin any decrease row.
      I alternate between knit rows and decrease rows.
      When I get close to the end of my decreases I try on sock on to see how many rows more I knit to insure/?ensure a good fit. I do use a cable needle to trying on is no problem.

      Hope this helps a little.

      Hugs 'n Smiles

      P.s. I'd love to see a pic of your sox.
      Use my gmail address if sending pics


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