Monday, February 16, 2015

Same Yarn, Different Result

A year ago this month this vibrant skein of yarn came into my Yarn Stash
Oh, I love how vibrant the Gold plays with the
pinks, purples, blues and green.

I just knew it would be knit into a wonderful pair of sox.

Lesson learned:
once knit up 
it's not always what one expects.


My Honey Badger Sox
NOT what I expected or wanted.
un-happy face

Those vibrant Golds are just not 'popping'.
It seems the darker green and blue are predominate.
Not the outcome I expected.

They are in my sock drawer,
but have never really, truly been 'in like' with them.

Fast Forward to this past December
There are posts on Instagram
from a knitter in Norway
who is making use of leftover colorful yarns
combined with white 
to create a wonderful pair of sox.

This gal in Norway is a prolific knitter.
Could it be winter snows that keep her indoors?
Already this year she has knit 17 pair of sox.
Yes, that's right, 17 pair.

Anyway, after seeing three or four pair of her sox knit with this combo last December
I decided I must give it a try.

I picked up my leftover ball of yarn with the gorgeous golds, 
got out the white yarn
and here's the result.
! ! ! ! ! 

Must say,
these are much more to my liking.
The alternate rows of white yarn do lighten the entire project.

Must find just the pattern
for every skein of yarn.

These will be worn with love.

hugs 'n smiles

p.s.   The first pair from this yarn [Honey Badger Sox]
have, in the meantime, found a loving home.

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  1. I still like both pair but think this is a great idea to use yarn that didn't knit up as we think it should. Thanks for sharing a new solution for potential problem yarn.

    1. I really love this second pair, Broken Seed Stitch. Already worn them several times 😍😍😍
      There's a second pair on the needles just waiting for my full attention.
      Hey, there's snow out there ‼️‼️‼️ Won't mention how much 'til ALL THE CLOUDS CLEAR OUT Just in case Mother Nature could get some crazy idea LOL LOL
      Hugs 'n Snowly Smiles,

  2. They have found a loving home. They are keeping my feet warm as I am out and about today in COLD weather. Thanks

    1. Now we're all happy, Betty.
      hugs 'n smiles,


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