Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Something(s) Blue

 This month's Cookie A Sock Club 2013's shipment.
Haven't decided which of Cookie A's patterns will
be cast on with this oh, so, beautiful blue,
but, you can believe that my feet will be pampered with this lovely.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Loopy Ewe is celebrating their 7th Anniversary.
TLE originally opened in St. Louis
and recently moved her operation to
Fort Collins, Colorado.

In celebration of seven years as a small business owner,
Sheri, owner of TLE, 
asked Malabrigo Yarn Company dyers to come up with a very special colorway. 
Their dyers  created this colorway that, IMHO, reminds me of blue jeans.
They named this blue in tribute to Sheri by naming this special anniversary celebration yarn after her.
How cool is that ! ! !
Sheri commissioned a shawl pattern created for this particular yarn.
 Photo: product
 Pattern to be available only by purchasing this
 7th Anniversary Celebration Kit
of yarn and pattern.

Beautiful Blues ! ! !

Overnite we received some much needed rain.
Lost power during the very, very early morning hours,
but have been up and running 
ever since.

Today is Humpday
week's half over
as is September


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


  1. What a lovely shade of blue. AND Fort Collins, CO is only 45 minutes south of Cheyenne, WY. Woo-whoo! I may just have to drive over there the next time I head that way. Can't wait to see your shawl. :-)

    1. Tami, I'm right with ya. If we lived closer
      I'd totally hitch a ride with ya
      So we both visit
      The Loopy Ewe

      Watch our Stashes grow !!!!!!!!!


  2. You always show the most beautiful yarns Gerry and the two yarns today are no exception.

    We had rain the other night too and I'm glad because dragging that darn water hose around the garden was cutting into my knitting time.

    1. The Clubs I've joined have really help in the acquiring yarns that I never would have purchased if left to my own devices, Tracey.
      Haven't experienced buyer's remorse once.

      I've seen part of your garden, gal,
      And just know dragging a watering hose would definitely not be in My Favorite Things To Do. LOL

      Perhaps, Autumn Is arriving - - - KNIT ON !!!!!


  3. Those skeins are right up my alley. Gorgeous!!! You will certainly enjoy knitting them into socks and a shawl.

    1. Dianna, you will be under strict supervision when within sight of these two BLUE babies :-)
      We ALL know you're the top Lover of The Color Blues


  4. YeeeHaaaaaw
    Both my iDevices are updated with iOS 7

    Three Cheers

    Two Thumbs Up !!!!

    Love the new look


  5. I'm so glad I got the anniversary box!!! Now I need someone with a swift to "volunteer" to wind it up for me...hmm, who would that be? There's a free chai tea latte in it for someone!!!
    Love the colors of both yarns!!!