Saturday, September 7, 2013


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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Willow Cowl
is a free pattern on Ravelry
click HERE

My Willow
is knit with Hazel Knits Yarn
in the Entice base:
Merino Wool, Cashmere, Nylon
I combined two gorgeous colors -
Land of Sweets
and Tropical Sunrise.

So soft, so cuddly.

I ABsoLUTeLY AdORe it ! ! ! ! 

It uses a skein of fingering weight yarn
I knit it in a little over a week.

# # # # # # #
OMG, look hashtags ! ! 

I am on Instagram as GerryART

Have a loverly week ♥♥♥


back to the fiber-y goodness


  1. Absolutely stunning!!!!
    Can't wait for Wednesday!!

    1. I'll be wearing it ! ! !
      Unless the temp is as high as it is right now
      92 F degrees
      but its a dry heat
      only 35% humidity

      See you then ! ! !


  2. Replies
    1. Patti, thanks for that.
      I really think so too.

      The color is just soooo me.
      So between the fantastic pooling of the cowl
      and the color,
      well, I absolutely will be wearing this cowl a lot these coming months.

      I'm thinking there will be another knit before winter's a thing of the past. :*)


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Marty,
      This feels so lovely snuggling 'round my neck.
      The Cashmere makes it feel so lux

      We're getting rain this morning
      And that a good thing after so long without.

      Trees are turning color

      Autumn, maybe ???


  4. Love your willow. Sorry to report that I will be giving mine to Michelle on Tuesday so you will not see it in person. I will try to remember to get a pic of it while she is wearing it so you can see it on my blog. I really like how you used different colors to make such a striking cowl. Go ahead, polish up that crown, you Queen of Knitting!!!

    1. Thanks , love the Willow.

      Wonderful that Michelle will be the recipient
      On her visit from China

      At least you'll have photos of her 'fashioning' your Willow when we see you on Wednesday, Dianna.
      Can't wait.


  5. I plan to take you up on the offer to help me with socks. When I say I'm a failure at socks, my daughter keeps reminding me that they fit her just fine. Maybe I should just use a youth pattern? Anyway, no time for socks at the moment.

    So, if I subscribe by email, will I only get an email when you respond to me or when anyone comments?

    Why do some blogs i respond to already know my email address?

    1. Tina, I have no idea how those bloggers know your email addy.
      When I click "Reply" on your email I get:
      "Tina "
      unlike when I "Replay" to other blogger there is an email address

      When I click on your name on your Comment on my Blog
      as you can see when you do
      I am taken to your Blogger Profile Page
      that contains no info at all
      not even you email addy.

      The only way I can contact you is by replying to your 'Comment'
      right here on this blog's comment.

      I'll be more than willing to help in your quest to knit a sock that fits your foot.
      Keep in mind:
      **knit a stitch gauge swatch using the needles and yarn to be used
      **count your stitches per inch
      **take measurements of your feet
      these steps always ensure a better fitting sock.

      Let me know when you're ready to undertake a pair of socks, Tina.

      they are sooo much fun to knit
      soooo dang much fun to own and wear


  6. Thanks! You are so kind!

    I want some wool sock made by me! I have lots of sock yarn that I've collected in the nearly 4 years I've been knitting. I want to use it! I'll gauge first.

    Maybe I should go update my google account with my email address?


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