Friday, July 19, 2013

What's New ! !

Our  Quilt Shop Hop last week proved to be just as wonderful as we thought.
Deb and I shopped from our lists.  .  . mostly.
Gloria went a long ways to build a Stash.

One item on my Wanted List
was to build my stash re:  Modern Quilts, more-or-less

This Riley Blake Layer Cakes [ a pack of 24 pieces of 10" squares ]
Small Cheverons

I plan on cutting 10" squares of this
Moda 'Sew Stitchy' by Aneela Hoey
with all those glass-headed straight pins scattered throughout the grey
to be used as alternate  blocks with the cheverons

A quilt top along the lines of a summer throw ?  ?  ?  ?


Malka Dubrawsky
has been one of my fav designers
so when I spied this Charm Pack of   forty-two 5" squares

Will I be pairing it with this background fabric ???
I can not say.
All I can tell you is that it did call my name as I approached it
:  ^  )


Deb brought this over the other day
saying we had purchased this on our quilt shop visit some months ago.
???? She insisted I helped pick this so I guess I did.

Hmmmm, maybe something I can include in my potholder making stash.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Malka is one of my favorite fabric designers too. Wish I could have shop-hopped along with you.

    1. If we were to shop together, Marty
      We'd be dangerous, wouldn't we

      I know my Stash would have seriously grown
      By leaps and bounds

      Just yesterday You were on my mind while
      I was adding your Fruit Salad ingredients to my grocery list

      Next month our Quilt Guild is having our Summer Picnic
      Every brings something
      Your Salad is soooooo yummy
      It is coming to our picnic. :-)


  2. Those are certainly modern looking. Have fun sewing them.

    1. What ever they become, Dianna,
      We can be certain
      It will involve nothing complex
      Simple does it for me these days

      However, I do love my Bernina !!!!



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