Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some Accomplishments

Last week both daughters and I went on the local Quilt Shop Hop.
There were four shops in this hop
(or hop-ette)
all located to the north of us.
We visited all four
plus one other quilt shop
for a total of five quilt shops in a day.

Each of us had our own shopping list
and we pretty much stuck to them.

I'll have pics up later this week.


there was another shop along the way
that I could not resist. 
It was a new-to-me shop.

Just happened to be a yarn shop

The girls and I were drawn to some pretty niffty sox and yarn.

As it turn out 
we each picked a fav color combo
for some handknit sox.

Just so the daughters won't think one of them is favorite,
mom decided to knit both girls sox at the same time

So here a pic of their sox
Deb's pick on the left
Gloria's on the right

Cast these on Friday evening and plan to have these two finished tomorrow.
If there an opportunity for me to knit during our Quilt Guild Meeting this evening, that is.

The second two will be cast on immediately after that/


For my finished project
Here are the most current Cookie A sock pattern: TIBERIUS
and club yarn in the BLOOD ORANGE colorway

Yep, you guessed right!
This pair is for ME ! ! ! ! 

These are as bright as our mid-Missouri Summer Sun





  1. WOW, you had me worried for a bit. Non- matching socks... However, makes perfect sense to avoid a sibling fight.

  2. How smart or you to knit socks for both daughters simutaneously! Both colors are looking good.

  3. So why not knit 4-at-a-time so they would have been exactly the same?!!! Those colors are so different, just like the girls. I love them both. Your socks are so beautiful. I can see more details than I could the other day at lunch. Interesting how there isn't a lot of design on the toe and that makes perfect sense. It's inside your shoe so 1) you can't see it and 2) it would be more comfortable than a heavier design. Can't miss with Cookie A. Hope you get to knit at the meeting.

  4. Hey, gals ! ! ! !
    This knitting one of each sock sure makes the knitting experience exciting.
    With two skeins of self-patterning yarn with two entirely different colorways sure keeps the stitching exciting.
    Finished both sox in a matter of four days. And, that's only knitting on and off and never at a very long stretch at a time. Had other more pressing things to do.
    Friday we had a second day of clothes shopping, one day a trip to the airport to see older daughter off to continue her journey. She's spending the week in Virginia at a work-related conference.
    Sunday was laundry day and Tuesday was cut short running 'round town getting a few tasks taken care of. AND, don't forget took time out to eat out.
    Like I said, not that much time knitting.
    I do think the fact that these sox are being knit on Size 2 needles as compared to the Size 0s I've been using for sox.
    Even though both girls have l-o-n-g-e-r feet and one likes her socks with very tall leg portions, still got a pair co and bo in something like 4 days and a little bit. Now to co those second sox. :^)

    As to 4-at-a-time knitting - - - well, right now the only challenge I'm taking part in is the Challenges of Camp Loopy. Project One finished and posted to TLE Photo Gallery - Project finished and blocked and ready to be photographed and posted.
    Our third challenge will be post just before the end of July with enough time to pick a pattern and yarn to fit the requirement for this last challenge for Camp Loopy 2013.

    Thanks for taking time to read and comment, I ALWAYS LOVE HEARING FROM YA !!!

    Summer time hugs

  5. I wish I were a better knitter :) Your knitting is beautiful and so neat!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    1. YOUR blog gives me so much sweet pleasure each and every post

      You post such wonderfully colorful photos

      I wish I were a better crocheter, Angie


  6. LOVE the socks!!! All three pair!!! Did you like that little yarn shop up north? I havent' been yet...waiting for a report.

    1. Well, i did buy yarn for 4 pair os sox. :-)



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