Monday, July 22, 2013

Hemp 'n Cotton

Our most recent shipment of Bare Naked yarn club arrived ! ! ! 
The club involves yarn from nature.
We receive bare yarn,
not dyed.
It is spun directly from the animal or plant.

This month's treasure trove
is Hemp yarn [brown] 
Cotton yarn [white].

The hemp is grown and spun in Romania

The cotton yarn is a special cotton grown on Peruvian trees that produce naturally pigmented cotton colors.

That's what the label reads. 

This month's designs are spa related

Face cloths from the cotton
Back scrubber from the hemp

I'm ready to cast on a face cloth or two
I'll show ya when I complete the first one.

RAIN ! ! ! !
Mercy, did the heavens open up yesterday evening.
For a solid fifteen minutes there was a downpour like I've seen only a few times.

I'm sure we received at least two-and-a-half inches.
The gutters were flooded to the middle of the street.
Lucky for us that we live in a hilly area and that we're not at the bottom of any hill.
Things drained fairly fast.

Well, I must cast on a face cloth and then a back scrubber.




  1. Interesting yarns. Can't wait to see them worked up!!!

    1. Once they're laundered a few times
      their characteristics 'shine'
      The cotton makes an absolutely wonderful facecloth
      The hemp will do it's job as a perfect back scrubber

      Cast On both projects
      enjoying both


  2. Lucky you got beautiful yarns and RAIN. We didn't get a drop!

    1. I know yarn isn't high on your list, Patti
      but WE BOTH look forward to RAIN

      Fingers-crossed you guys receive your share next time


  3. Great yarn. The hemp reminds me of my macramé days. A back scrubber is a perfect pattern for that yarn. We had the toad strangler over here Sunday evening too but interestingly only 6/10th of an inch of rain. We had 2.5 inches Saturday and needed every drop. Looking forward to seeing your new yarns at KN.

    1. Never have worked with hemp before
      though I did do my share of macramé, I suppose

      As I mentioned to Paula, co both projects
      and an eager to get a few more rows knit today

      this downpour was a welcome gift
      that's for certain
      At the time
      all I could think of was 'monsoon'
      that many parts of our world receive
      And was hoping that it would not last toooo long

      Would have had to rummaging 'round for waterwings


  4. I'll be posting progress photos as soon
    as there is enough of each project to see

    Sure glad I was a double-dipper
    when it comes to this month's club shipment

    enjoy these summer daze


  5. Your natural yarns are so VERY special! Can't wait to see your finished items.
    July Hugs!

    1. Anna Marie,
      I've hand wound the first skein of hemp as suggested on our Rav Group
      and have co and knit a couple rows of the back scrubber
      have wound the cotton skein with the ball winder
      So many Bare Naked Clubbies have finished projects
      that it make me all the more eager to see progress with mine

  6. How wonderful are these! I love coming over here and seeing all of your gorgeous things. Can't wait to see how your items turn out.
    I miss you but love when you get a chance to come by and say hello.
    My computer is so slow that makes it hard for me to blog these days.
    Since I am still sick with this bug I got from my dear brother I am trying to catch up with friends out here in this amazing world of blogging.
    You always make me happy when I visit yours. Now I am off to read your back post.


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