Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hell Fire, I don't txt while driving!

But I do knit while in the car!
Hubby's sox
Hell Fire!

knit with
Vesper Self-Striping Yarn
in the colorway 
by the same name:
Hell Fire 

This is my current car knitting
ALWAYS with me
while in any car.
Most times an easy knit
that can be worked on
by adding
A row here,
a row there.
Little by little
they get knitted.

Idle hands are the .  .  .
0h, you know the rest.

= + = + =

I'm waiting for the 1st of July
to begin Camp Loopy Project #2

The challenge being:
 knit a pattern that has been popular with other knitters, that you haven’t knit before. 
The project needs to have at least 1000 projects listed (or 1000 queued up) on Ravelry, 
and it needs to use at least 500 yards, single stranded.

I'm up to the Challenge ! ! !
Needle and yarn at the ready. 


Lunch at Chipotle's
a Burrito Bowl

Rice with Cilantro
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Fajitas [green bell pepper, onion, etc.]
Barbacoa [pulled steak ]
Tomato Relish
Corn Relish
.  .  .  .  .  .  . 

DEEEEE-LISH ! ! ! ! ! 
I could eat it every day

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

Cloudy w/t-storms a couple counties away
93 degrees
38% humidity  [lowest we've had in number of days]

Take care,
enjoy the Summer


♥  ♥  ♥


  1. Love the socks and Chipotle's!!!! I know you don't knit and drive, but what awesome socks to take with you.

    1. Thanks, Paula. Second time knitting this yarn for Hubby, it's a good
      man-ly color.

      Love my mostly-veggie meals! Chipotle's is WOW ! ! !


  2. That lunch looks very inviting. May have to try it soon.
    Looks like your socks are nearing the finish line.

    1. I could eat this five days a week, I enjoy it so very much.

      Not too much further before I can do the Afterthought Heels
      and cast on another pair for car knitting.


  3. Very cool pattern design on Hell Fire socks. I bet your are itching you get going on that Loopy Ewe challenge. We did get some rain overnight (only 2/10ths) It's nice to see more blog postings from you.

    1. The design is Vanilla Bean found of Ravelry
      it breaks the repetativeness of self-striping yarn.

      Monday morning is the beginning of Project 2 for Camp Loopy 2013. Will be using some exciting colors for my Wingspan Shawl [again, found on Ravelry]


  4. Love those socks (and the shawl on previous post).
    And you are making me hungry.

    Cheers, veelau


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