Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shop Hop Soxes, Etc.

Sox knit with the yarn we picked up in Mexico,
during our Quilt Shop Hop last month.

These were a pretty darn fast knit, considering:

a.] they were knit on Size #2 needles
as compared to the quite a bit smaller Size #0 that I have been using recently;

b.] combined these two pair used 534 yards ! ! ! ! ! 

That's a lotta yards
~ .3 of a mile


These were knit
on one 40" circular needle
Toe Up
using a Gusset Heel
and a Ribbed Leg/Cuff

Debbie's with a very t-a-l-l cuff

During the same period Hubby's Hell Fire, Once Again
sox were finished and bound off !

Again, knit toe up, 
this time with Afterthought Heels. 
Using small sized needle,
this pair used 316 yards.

With such a tight fabric
as the result of using small needle size
these should last a very long time.

So fun to knit ! ! ! 

Here they are 
Soxes from the Shop Hop for the girls
and Sox for Hubby

Temp here is below 80 degrees F
Great temp for an August day.
Even had a small rain shower.



whoops, do I spy a dropped stitch in the cuff?


  1. Nice socks. Now it is time to make a new pair for you.

    1. There's already a sock on the needle
      A WIP for month's now
      Boy, oh, boy,
      It's going to have beads

    2. Here is the link to that dock pattern:

    3. That should read

  2. At the rate we are going weather wise, those socks might feel good real soon!
    Beautiful as usual!


    1. Isn't it the truth, Patti.
      Hubby and I were commenting that
      This must be the coolest Summer we've experienced
      Since we've lived in Missouri (moved here in '86)

      Sure happy I knit sox. :-)


  3. They all look great. D#2 likes a longer leg, as I do. I didn't see a dropped stitch but you can fix that pronto. On with CL#3.

    1. They were super fun to knit, Dianna
      Even though the one pair took some EXTRA rows. LOL. LOL

      i did pick up that stitch and woven in the ends in pattern

      Camp Loopy Project Three is speeding right along
      Almost finished with the body portion. :-)
      Great pattern
      Wonderful yarn


  4. Wonderful socks!!! Lucky hubby and daughters!!! You are a sock demon.

    1. These were all fun to knit
      For various reasons
      The girl's sox because they were knit
      As first sock for each of them
      2-a-a-t so they were both finished at the same time
      And then second sock for both knit 2-a-a-t

      The Hell Fire, Once Again
      Was enjoyabe 'cause it's great yarn to work ith
      Love those self striping

      Yes, two brand new patterns will be cast on
      As soon as Camp Loopy's Project 3 is off the needles


  5. The whole reason I learned to knit was to make socks. How many pair do I have for myself? NONE! Not for lack of trying, though. I can't size them properly, or perhaps I just like tighter socks than most people wear. It is so frustrating! Maybe I should learn toe up?

    Three people in my life have socks I have knit and there are about 5 around here, mateless, due to their wrong size. :(

    I enjoy seeing your work, thanks for sharing.

    1. Tina, great to hear from you (p.s., you are a no-reply commenter so I can not reply directly to you)

      SOX !!!!

      There are ways to get a custom fit, Tina
      Let's talk
      Send me an email. (My email addy is on my Profile page, just follow the link on my sidebar


  6. One of these days I need to learn how to knit socks. Everyone looks like they're having fun when they make them. Plus you get to have some beautiful fun socks. :-)

    1. Tami, if ever there was a time to knit sox
      NOW IS THE TIME for ya

      Your feeties will love ya for it
      Come this December through April. :-)

      Check with your lys



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