Sunday, June 23, 2013

I love this Shawl ! ! ! !

Cheviot Hills
designed by 

Anne's designs are some of my favorite.
Not only to knit, but to wear.

They're are just plain gorgeous !
 They, at times,  look complex 
yet, simple to knit.

-  -  -  -

This was my first experience knitting with wool of the Cheviot sheep
 I found it to be a krinkley, crimpy sort of character
with a bit of a stiff, rustic feel.

Following Anne Hanson's lead,
I give my finished shawl a good soak 
and blocking [just laying out flat]

She had it right!
It happened. 
This yarn transforms. 

Soaking/blocking brought wonderful stitch definition to the fabric. 

Each section of stitching is accentuated
to become a very lovely shawl with wonderful drape
 that hugs my bod.

Anne's shop carries some wonderful yarns.
This Cheviot is typical of what I find there.

a quick tale of this cheviot that became my shawl:

Once the independent mill owner in New York 
acquired the fleece,
cleaned it to eliminate lanolin 
and veggie matter [sometimes spelled - poo] 

her mill spins the wool as it come directly from the sheep
no dye - just bare naked wool.

Once spun and wound into skeins  
it's off to Anne Hanson in Ohio.

Anne designed a couple of patterns specifically for this yarn
and in this case you can see the shawl and yarn were
 made for each other.

I'm in Heaven with this shawl!

#   #   #   #   #   #   #   #   #

Here in mid-Missouri there is no doubt,


Temps in the 90s with humidity doing it's best to match the temp.

But it's not all that bad if one does not have their 
work-a-day outside 
 ^ )

Our walk from the car to have lunch 
back to the car
is just darn pleasant. 

I'm loving it!

Just don't attempt to spend a few minutes 
doing a bit a yard cleanup
wearing all black
it could become unpleasant  :-(

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥



  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!! it looks SO soft!!

    1. This will soften more and more with the next several soaks, I'm sure.
      The coming cool months will see these one worn often.

  2. Oh, it's so pretty Gerry. I have been eyeing this yarn and really must order some.

    Summer is here too...blah! It's hot and I have been melting while working in the garden. I set the alarm to get up before the sun just so I could get in a few runs. I am now sitting in the a/c drained! Winter can't get here quick enough!

    1. Tracey, it's not the heat, you know it's the HUMIDITY !!!!!!

      We're just now getting the summer heat and humidity
      Though, it has clouded over and has started thundering
      It's been DAYS since we've had rain
      So am hoping for some today

      You get a Gold Star for getting up early and gettin' ta work.

      Oh, how we love to come in to AC !


    2. Already dropped more than a quarter inch
      In the half hour since i last commented

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous. Hope to see it at Knit Nite.

    1. Oh, yes, i'll be showing it off

      It's a beautity.

  4. Thanks for posting this lovely, lovely shawl. Thanks, also, for a little history about this incredible yarn.

    1. You know me. i love learning about the yarns I knit. Knowing gives me much enjoyment


  5. This shawl looks almost as good here as it did when you wore it at Prison Brews (see, I remembered that you were there!!!) I know you will get a lot of joy wearing this beauty.

    1. I love that it can be styled in a number of ways
      Making it more versatile

      Fer sure will get my time's worth outta this one



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