Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cookie A Ernie Sox

I love Cookie A sock designs! ! 

As a member of her sock club I receive two
patterns every other month.
Oh, yes, and a very lovely, lovely skein of yarn.

However, I decided her pattern Ernie would be handsome in this 'oatmeal' color
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi
80/20 wool/nylon
and that Hubby would be the recipient.

My gosh, he hasn't had a new pair of hand-knit sox added to his sock drawer in, what?, months?

It really a nice pattern to knit, 
just a short repeat for this 
vertical leaf and rib design.

Going cuff down this time 'round
and will do a heel something other than
my most recent method of afterthought heels.

Love me a change up.



  1. Nice pattern!!! Hubby is one lucky guy!!! For more reasons than hand made socks;)

    1. A new pattern from Cookie A. Always gets my attention.

      This is an easy eight row repeat.


  2. Oooh, that's a great design for a man. Perfect color too!

    1. And, Gail, think of the mods that can be had !!!!!

      Hubbies next Ernie Sock will have less cables more stockinet

      Lorna's Lace Solemate shows great stitch definition


  3. Here you go again with my colors!!! The design is very nice. Have you tried the heel from Lala's free pattern Socks on A Plane. No wraps and turns and it has a gusset. Oops, I forgot that pattern is toe up. Not sure if you could modify it or not. I'm sure you will find the perfect heel for these socks.

    1. Well, Dianna, as I just mentioned to Gail, it is a Lorna's Lace sock yarn
      It's colorway name is Buckingham Fountain
      I've not tried Laura's method yet. Will search it out. Thanks for the heads-up.


  4. Gasp! How could you not knit him any socks for so long, his feet are probably freezing! Looks like you will be fixing that quickly, those socks are going to knit up quickly. The stitch pattern looks really fun to knit.

  5. Great design and great color choice for hubby's socks!


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