Monday, March 25, 2013

Look What Debbie's Quilting

Lucky me, she has ask me to join in the fun

This is the queen-sized quilt that she designed and 
is creating for a special, newly wed, co-worker.

Completely made with scraps from both our Fabric Stashes.

The blocks were from the "Two-Bucks-A-Block" deal from Miss Millie's Quilt Shop several years ago.

We still have a ways to go.  
However, this center of the quilt is already quilted.  
Next comes the two side panels.

We have a great time when we have these sew days.
More laughing than sewing.  

Only made one mis-cut this time, 
okay, okay, maybe it was two mis-cut strips.

Today's Sew Day 
Cancelled Due to Snow 
! ! ! ! ! 



  1. So nice that you get to have sewing get-togethers with your daughter. I wish my mom were closer so we could do that too!

  2. Gail, I'm so happy that she asked me to join in. We work together nicely and do make headway.
    But this is an awful lot of laughter as well.

    I am a lucky gal.


  3. You have been quite the quilter lately! It is really making me want to give it a try, your layouts are very inspirational to me. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

    1. I enjoy the creation of each project. On the Flowerpot Quilt
      After sewing the print and solid Tumbler Blocks into the top
      both Deb and I thought those solid blue blocks looked like flowerpots.
      So I dove into my pre-cut pieces and came up with those flower parts and pieces and fused 'em on. Then decided they needed some depth - grabbed the watercolor pencils and played.
      I love that part of crafting. Each projects leads us on its own path.

      The week is wonderful, Ivy.


  4. I really enjoy our sew day get-togethers. We sure do have fun don't we?

    1. We sure do. Are you ready for our next phase????


  5. I see that someone was not afraid of cutting her blocks in half. I agree, the creating process is rewarding even if it takes a while to get to that light bulb moment. Quilt as you go is the way to go for a large quilt. It's wonderful that you and Deb share this same hobby and live close enough to do it together. Blessing abound!!!

    1. Cutting blocks, wait, there's more to come.

      Quilting-as-you-go does take thought regarding design, placement and do-ability.
      Factor in that this quilt is being constructed from scraps that are on hand
      Can't run out to purchase more

      So once we cut, we're committed!

      And, yes, there are times we should be committed. :-). :-). :-). LOL!!!!!!



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