Thursday, March 28, 2013

I re-worked my sweater from last year

You may remember this sweater last May

May 2012

I was not happy with it 
So Hubby and I frogged it, re-skeined the yarn and set it back in my Yarn Stash

The first of January this year
we wound the yarn into cakes
I cast on the Gemini once again

I would work on it, and then put it aside while I thought about my next step

During the last couple months this Gemini
was close at hand and foremost in my
knitting queue

This past week I worked on the sleeves, modifying the pattern to obtain a smaller arm circumference
Working with the pattern as I had co and knit it
I'm pleased with the sleeves 

I am happy with this version
I wore it today before giving it a 'soak' and blocking it out to dry
and found that 
this lovely Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton yarn sweater keeps me warm !

This version is definitely sticking around
It's a comfy style that I'll be wearing with or without a top under it.

Next time I knit Gemini,
and there will be a next time.
 I'll be using a wool blend yarn

Thanks for taking time to see what I'm crafting

I'll reply to each of your comments In the Comments




  1. I love the modifications!!!!
    I also REALLY like your hair the length it is!!!
    You are awesome!!!

    1. Thanks , Paula.
      It seems I'm wearing this sweater every day since I finished it!


  2. Great before and after! It looks fabulous on you of course. I am envious of your ability to wear pink so well, it always clashes with my hair color. I really enjoyed knitting Gemini too, the pattern is very well written.

    1. Gemini is a good basic design.
      Next time the sleeve co will be less for a more slender sleeve.
      Knit and learn. :-)


  3. I liked the bodice details before, but you definitely have a better-fitting Gemini now. How is Coriander coming along?

    1. Those bodice details were the feature that caught my eye
      Decided I would wear it more often without the lace
      I'll wear it with a top under it and now probably without a top.
      Year 'rounf?

      Corriander is not letting me make a neat transition from rib to body.
      It!s in time out !!!!!! ;-)


  4. Glad I got to see this in person. It looks very nice on and I'm sure you are glad you spent the extra time getting it the way you want it.

    1. You're right, I'm happier this time. Can't wait to make it in a wool blend.


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