Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello, how is everyone?
Are you ready for winter weather?
or are you in a climate where winter comes only on the calendar?

Mid-Missouri has been wonderful this Autumn.
Mild temps [with a time or two of COLD]
lots of sunshine with a little rain
[we could use more, but only in the form of rain, not the other]

Our Christmas tree is up
[bought one with the lights already on it]

DD#2 and I have discussed our plans for eats over the Holidays.
Nothing special.
 we are going to attempt 
a slowcooker 'Beer Bath Turkey'
Wish us luck with this, huh ! ! ! 

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

It's soon to be Winter
and I've been busy knitting hats

with hand-knit flower is the 

The knitted flower was a gift 
and it will be removed from this hat, shortly.

It's to be given to someone dear.
[yes, sans the pretty flower]

a quick knit that doesn't cover my ears!
Just the one to toss in my bag for 
not-so-cold winter days.

Okay, that was two knit projects for the head

This pair is knit with a Merino Wool/Cashmere/Nylon blend yarn
that makes me feel most decadent. 
[Decadent: a Noun for -  a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent]
Who?  Me?

The wonderful pattern is Rosa Rubiginosa
so much fun to knit.
Even with this dark-ish yarn the pattern is noticeable  from a distance.
And I will be knitting Rosa again in a lighter shade yarn.

The feel of this yarn on my very own feeties is out of this world.
There WILL BE MORE OF THIS YARN in my future ! 

#  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #

May a tell you a story?
Hope you don't mind, I'm telling it.  :^)

It was the summer after I passed fifth grade 
and eager to begin 6th Grade
that our family moved from the desert to the beach.

Much to my delight two girls my age lived across the street.

The older was a grade ahead of me and the younger a grade behind me.

That didn't matter, we became friends, with me filling the age gap. 

Their folks and mine encouraged our friendship.

The three of us spent many happy times together.
I think we 'discovered boys' when we reached jr high.
[No details on that will be revealed here.]

As our family moved between the desert and the beach we remained friends.

After high school graduation we kept in close contact and even attended each other's baby showers.

Then, as young mothers 
we each had our own lives to manage 
and our friendship was put on hold, so to speak.

Flash forward some fifty years.

After some searching, the Internet provided me with enough info to write a couple of letters.

One sister replied and we established a somewhat relationship.
However, this past year seems to have been our time to followup our initial connection.

The younger of the gals and I have been exchanging snail mail and re-introducing ourselves.
Fifty-plus years of catching up sure takes lots of hand-written pages, on both our parts.

But what anticipation - - - waiting for that next
snail mail.

Yesterday, out of the blue I received a pkg.
She has sent me
her hand-made soap.
Three fragrances:
No doubt, this last one is meant to be used at my night time bath to relax me from a hectic day's activities.

OMG, I feel so pampered ! ! ! ! 
How sweet is this .  .  .  .

Have a peek

I've displayed them on my hand-knit shawl.

 It's been my plan all along was  to send this shawl to her right after the New Year.
You guys may remember
aka the Bees

I've decided now is the time to sent to lovely.

So, les Abeilles is wrapped and ready for tomorrow's trip to the post office to begin it's journey to my
childhood friend.

After all, one hand-crafted gift 
deserves hand-crafted gift in return.

Hope she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
You know how much I enjoy our chats.
[when you comment do you remember
to click the
subscribe by email button 
to take part in the rest of our chat?]

Happy Holidays
from Our House to Yours !



  1. The header photo is a wall in my dressing room. I love wall art ! ! !


  2. You have a dressing room? Awesome! I like the girls head pillow. I bet it's vintage.
    You story about childhood friends reconnecting is heart warming!

    1. Yep,Patti, sure do. I've had a room with my make-up vanity, a couple of lacquered chests and a vintage ca 1950's vanity, and, of my all-time fav . . WALL ART ! ! Had a room like this for years and years. Keeps all that separate from our bedroom.
      My retro pillow is one I embroidered and hand colored using Crayola crayons

    2. Sorry, Blogger is being grumpy this morning by having its own way.

      The design is from a book of vintage pillow designs. The border is a 30's style print.
      I made another pillow that's downstairs in the room daughter uses on her visits. Love both pillows equally much ;-)

    3. Okay, last try this morning. Using a different machine, see what happens.

      Patti, it's wonderfully interesting learning more with each letter. In this day of emailing, and im-ing and the like the arrival of each new chapter is exciting. I'm sure it'll take some time to exchange more current events to learn what kind of a woman each of us have become.

      She does hand-craft so that puts us on the same wave length.

      Thanks for stopping by and plowing thru this three replies.
      At least my keyboard has creased seizing up. :^)


  3. It was so good to see your projects and read about your childhood. How fun to reconnect--and with handmade gifts. You are blessed! And so is your friend when she wears this gorgeous shawl!

    1. Gosh, Anna Marie, thanks for your kinds words.
      One never knows when gifting a hand-crafted item made from your heart and hands.

      What I do know is that the Soaps she hand-craft are beautiful as well as fragrant. She sez that her soap makes skin feel wonderfully soft. Can't wait.

      Thanks, again, for your kind words.


  4. Happy to see you and your latest creations. I love hearing about stories of reconnecting.

    You've probably already included the pink shaw on the left in the first photo somewhere on your blog. It is just beautiful!

    1. Oh, Tina, have a couple more works in progress that I hope to finish once the hub-bub slows down.
      I have plans of doing so time in front of my sewing machine, very soon, I hope. There are a couple of projects I have in my brain for those already.

      Ohhh, that shawl. It's one of my favorites. I purchased it on a trip to New Orleans. There are many independent artists there which makes it hard to pick only one or two to bring home to treasure.

      One of the reason I love wall-art in my dressing [mentioned above]is that I can display my favorite pieces of clothing and jewelry rather than keeping them stored away.

      Hope all is well with you and that your winter will be mild.


  5. You've been a busy girl!!! Love the projects, and your story warmed my heart!!!
    Merry Christmas to you, dear friend!!!

    1. Paula, you know me and my knitting

      As you've read above, there are plans afloat that include time with my sewing machine and fabric stash. Am looking forward to that, once again.

      There is one quilter/blogger who has been dipping into her
      'scraps-she has pre-cut to certain sizes that she can grab any time and create' drawer
      As I followed her leading a number of years ago find myself with just such a drawer of pre-cut pieces. It's almost time to begin doing a bit of dipping into myself.

      According to the weather forecast we may be in for some cold. Keep warm, gal, keep warm.


  6. What a fantastic story! Love it! I"m also in love with those socks! Everything about them is perfect :-)

    1. You know I don't usually 'do' dark colors, Gail. Most of my hand-knit sox are bright. But this merino/cashmere blend with just enough nylon to make it work for sox is just so dang wonderfully, yes, decadent. And, Hunter Hammersen's design on this sock is small and repetitive so as to work for this darker color. Wearing these sox makes me feel elegant.
      Oh, did I mention I've two more skeins arriving any day now?????

      Speaking of love, I do love your blog, Gail.
      for those of you who aren't aware of Gail's blog where she does awesome projects in a variety of crafts. Sewing, knitting, nails, need I say more? Drop by her blog

      Gail, stay warm up there in Chicagoland area.


  7. Lovely photo's (I especially like the self-portrait of you in the For Good Hat) lovely hats, very lovely socks and to top it off a lovely story of friendship. Might I say you have a lovely life? Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of our lives!!! Not my quote but I do love it.

    1. OMG ! Thank you for your lovely comments, Dianna.
      Self-portraits while attempting to show pattern details is not a simple task, let tell you.
      Thank goodness technology today eliminates film, developing and printing times before viewing the end result.
      Digital is wonderful. Many, many shots were taken before a usable one appears.

      "Friends are the Chocolate Chips in The Coolies of our lives ! ! ! "
      Love your quoted quote.

      Life's not always a Chair of Bowlies :^)


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Enjoyed your story about your childhood friend and reconnecting with her. This is a heart warming story with all the bad news going on. Your socks are very nice, and yes the pattern does show up nicely.

    1. It IS nice to re-connect.
      It seems she's a crafter, also. And, has enjoyed vending at craft shows.

      Am enjoying the fragrance and am excited about trying out right after Christmas holiday.

      The sox are so great to wear


  10. Oh my, so much has happened since I've last heard from you, I don't know where to start! I think it is absolutely amazing that you were able to reconnect with those old friends, that is wonderful! Also, I seriously want those socks, I can tell from the photo that they are VERY cuddly. I've heard that the mid-west has been warmer than usual, looks like no snow again this year (at last there wasn't any last year in Kansas). I always enjoy hearing from you Gerry! Oh and the pick hat is adorable on you, I hope you wear it again : )

    1. Ivy, our weather here is about to change . . . . Seems the forecast for Thursday is for SNOW !
      So, sorry, gal. Those cuddly sox will be put into service. . . .
      Wishing you the best of the holidays
      And thanks for taking time to visit today

  11. I hope that this is the correct location for this comment.

    I may never fall in love with your newest hats.

    However, your photographic compositions are an art I feel privileged to experience.

    1. This IS the place, Richard.
      Thanks for the wonderful compliment on my photographic skills

      Love when you take time to comment

      Love ya


  12. This is my first visit but I already fell in love with your blog! I love the socks, just from looking at them I can tell that they're super comfy! :) Catching up with old friends is wonderful - I recently had a class reunion and although it's only been 8 years since we've last seen each other, we had so much to tell, I can't imagine what it's like not having talked for about five decades.

    ps: the quilt in the soap/shawl picture is gorgeous!

    1. Marie, thanks for finding my blog AND for leaving a lovely comment.
      Oh, those sox are truly something. There are two more skeins in the mails coming to my mail box soon. :-)

      My friend should get that shawl in either today's mail or probably more than likely tomorrow.

      Can you believe we are corresponding via hand written letters ! I'll have to wait for her response to this gift.
      Anticipation ! !

      The quilt is one I n
      Made several years ago for our queen-size bed. While I'm terribly proud of it, I can't see myself making another of this size again! I'm more into placemats these days.

      Hoping you'll come visit again, Marie


  13. Hi honey
    Just had to come by tonight after reading your lovely comment you left me. How sweet it was and I do appreciate your friendship.
    I love your new hats their darling.
    What an amazing story about you finding your childhood girlfriends. I am so happy for you and I love that your keeping in touch after all these years.
    Enjoy your gift from her as I know you will but the gift your sending her is gorgeous. What a surprise she has coming to her.
    Honey I do wish you a very Merry Christmas. I probably want have a chance to be on here until maybe next week.
    Can't tell you how I love having you as a friend. Thank you for that gift.
    Love ya

  14. Have a great Christmas and a very happy, healthy New Year!

    1. Mary, for sure I want to return the greeting
      May you and your have the Merriest of Christmaea
      And a stupendous 2013 New Year!
      See you on Plurk

  15. That is wonderful that you can continue a friendship, what lovely soap.

    She will love her gift as well. You take awesome pictures, it takes about 100 to get a good one of me.

    Have a wonderful New Years!!

  16. Hi honey
    So glad you came by tonight and left me a comment about your Christmas. Your comment made me hungry for turkey and dressing. This was the first Christmas that I can remember not having Christmas dinner. I missed it but being with the kids made up for it.
    Think of you often and I wanted to come by and wish you the best of everything for the New Year. I appreciate you being my friend.


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