Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Finishes

End of 2012
I'm another year older and still in the Pink ! ! ! 

# # # # # # # # # # # #

Let's talk about Me.
teehee, teehee

let's talk about my knitting this year.

This year I've added a Tracking Gauge 
in my right side-bar.

Each time I finished a Project the total yarn used was posted.
The cumulative yardage was posted,
as well as the equivalent in miles.

It's revealed an interesting perspective.
I think I can describe my love of knitting as a

Looking backing
this has been a busy year
My Passion For Knitting

How's this for passion!

I've knit a total of 18,055 yards of yarn.
That's more than ten miles of yarn.

When I began tracking my works
I had no idea  
that numbers like this would result!
I'm flabbergasted, over-whelmed !!

Here's a breakdown:

4 Adult-sized Sweaters
1 Baby-sized Sweater
12 Shawls
9 pair of Adult-sized Sox
2 pair Fingerless Mitts
8 Adult-sized Hats
6 Cowls/Neckwarmers
6 Monsters/Stuffie Toys

I'm astounded with these numbers ! ! ! ! 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Last finished project of this year.
Abalone Sweater.

Wishing you
the Very Best of New Year

many hugs and much love
to each of you,



  1. Happy New Year to you, Gerry! Congrats on having such a successful year of 2012. Your knitting numbers certainly are impressive. Have a happy (and productive) year 2013 :)

    1. Good morning, Marie.

      It's first day of 2013, sun is out and, fingers crossed, melting some of this snow.

      Good time to cast on a brand new project !

      Happy New Year,

  2. happy New Year, dear friend. Wow!!! That's a lot of yarn. I know you've made some beautiful things. Love your last project.

    1. Lots of sunshine! What a wonderful start to The New Year !

      Wishing you. Skeins of Knitting Fun in 2013!

      Happy New Year!


  3. I love your passion Gerry, it's one I share with you. I can not imagine not having knitting in my life and hope to continue this wonderful craft for at least 50 more years.
    Happy twenty thirteen, it's going to be a fabulous year, I can feel it!

    1. Dear Tracey, I, too, feel it' going to be A Very Good Year !

      We'll be doing our best to encourage it to happen.

      May lots of yarny days on our calendars

      Happiest of 2013

  4. Love your shortened version of Abalone. 10 miles, whew, you go girl. Love your birthday flowers. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I knit this Abalone to hit at my waist so as not to overwhelm me as the Blueberry Vodka Lemonade does.

      I wore Abalone all afternoon and evening - it fit without being intrusive. Ohhhhhh, and it feel soooooo wonderful.

      Love is Saffron colored Pashmina.
      Must acquire more of this lushishness!

      Here we are at the start of another fantastic year!


  5. Gerry, you never fail to amaze me with your talent, energy, spirit, and all around beauty. All the very best of EVERYTHING in 2013. Much love! xo

    1. Evelyn, you're an inspiration when it comes to thoughtful planning of knitting projects.

      This is the year that deliberate thought , and, dare I say, reasoning will be part of my knitting . I'm finding more and more that the entire experience is beginning to take form. The first two to two-and-a-half years of retuning to knitting was devoted to socks.

      Garment have just recently crept into my venture. Lots of learning along the way. This year "Fit"will be one of my main concerns.

      Again, Thanks for the inspiration.

      May many hours of knitting be in your 365days of 2013!


  6. Happy New Year, Gerry! Awesome yardage - I wonder what 2013 will bring?

    1. Hey, Tina, Happy New Year!

      We're ready for 2013, (we hope, don't want to be too cocky). We are looking forward to having a routine time of things.

      I so so amazed with the actual count of finished projects. What is amazing is that in addition, I sewed at least three dozen drawstring project bags using my fabric stash.


      Have a great week.


  7. A whopping 10 miles of yarn! You are quite the knitter Gerry and I'm so happy to have gotten to follow along with you this year. I'm excited to see what this year holds in store for you (I'm thinking some more pretty socks?). Happy new years!

    1. How's the weather? We had about an inch of snow. Lots has melted with the sunshine today even if the temps are in the twenties. Winter may have arrived.

      Oh, Ivy, you know I love socks. I've knit a number of Cookie A patterns. And there are so many great designers that catch my attention. So, there just might be a few knit this year.

      But first, there are a couple of sweaters that I want to re-knit before I tackled any other projects. This Abalone fits pretty good. Next will be the re-knit of Gemini. It's going to fit this time no matter how many times I have to rip back to get the fit correct.

      I am determined to accomplish that challenge.

      Your visits are encouraging. Your prowess with spinning is exciting to follow. Everyone says knitting with hand spun is like nothing else

      Take care, see ya in blog land


  8. That's a lot of knitting, lady! Good for you! You look lovely in your new bolero <3

    Happy 2013!

    1. BOLERO
      Just the description I was searching for yesterday. That's exactly what it is!

      It hugs me perfectly, stayed right where it should ALL afternoon, Gail.
      And, Saffron, such a rich color!

      2013 is going to be a great 360+


  9. You have an outstanding collection of finished projects! Great knitting! I am looking forward to seeing what lovely items you produce in 2013.
    New Year Blessings, my Friend!

    1. Am as eager as you to see what this year brings to our knitting realm, Anna Marie!

      Happy knitting


  10. I wish good health to us and to ours!
    What an outstanding thing Ravelry has been for me and the knitting community.
    Enjoy the year.

    1. Gotta love Rav, don't we Mary.

      So many new friends through our love of knitting and The World Wide Web ! !

      Love seeing you in all those familiar places. ;-)


  11. You are amazing!!!!! 10 miles of yarn! I can't walk that, much less knit it ;-) Hope your 2013 is as big a fiber success as last year was.

    John and I are buying a place at the Lake of the Ozarks, so I may occasionally be back for knitting group. Still the same time and location? Hope to see you guys there in 2013.


    1. Knit Nite is the 4th Wednesday at five o'clock at McAlisters on the Blvd
      Hope to see ya


      Get in touch with Anna Marie so you can be added to her monthly reminder


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